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Reversible Bomber Jacket for Shanghai Street Style

January 20, 2019

New Year New Outfit

Needless to say, winter season is my most favorite season to dress up, layer yourself and show your creativity in what you wear. I am always captivated by winter, its either the cold temperature, beautiful scenery around city, and also the chance to see people in their gorgeous outfit. In this 2019, i have decided to take a step further on my career, yeah i am gonna be a full time working in Shanghai. It's just a lovely city that i couldn't leave just yet. Every bit of Shanghai is definitely my favorite. Just to stroll around on a weekend like this around the city, visiting historical sites or art museums, going to your favorite coffee shop, or even just a window shopping. And did you notice how fast time flies? i've stayed here for 5 years already and it seemed like it was still yesterday that i came here. Which is why for this year, i'd like to focus more on doing what i truly love and enjoy, not because its the "hype" thing to do. Plus, i am really excited for what's 2019 has to offer. *cheers* 

Enough about this life changing sentences thing and lets get down to what i tried to pull off here. First and foremost, i really enjoy having my new hairstyle, which is the bangs and just straight cut hair. Somehow bangs just makes my life easier (well sometimes not really) but i had all the positive things about my bangs. One of the reasons is that i don't really need to put a lot of effort to make my hair look nice and tidy. Because when you have the bangs, and just adjust it as you wish, and taa daa! you're looking gorgeous already. It's different when i had no bangs, i just didn't really have time to curl my hair everyday, and i believe when i don't do something in my hair, it just looked too plain, for me. It looks like i am not putting anything(which is also true) but hey who can blame someone when they're just too lazy to spend 30 mins doing their hair? :p

This bangs goes back to the junior high school era where bangs is a must, and having gaps between your bangs would be considered as a crime hahaha. But here, i tried to love the gaps and it turned out its okay not to have a perfect bangs all the time. Sometimes the gaps gives you the extra something and it looks awesome too! Just check the photos below, almost 95% i have bangs gap, but still it looks great. It seems that i only have one shot with perfect bangs, and however, i still love the rest. 

Talking about outfit, i had this Zara reversible jacket since November, and you know what happen to me, i often forgot i bought this item and just go on with my life until i did some wardrobe organizing day and that's the time i found out i have several amazing items that i haven't had a chance to wear yet. Which is why i figured out some sort of way to keep my unworn items tracked so i can use it in the future. First i write them all in my agenda, and then i separate the unworn things in front of my eye and just put it in the place where i see them everyday, to remind me that i need to be creative with them. It worked quite efficient, although there are still some outfit that i haven't touch for 3 years. But hey, it minimizes your unworn piles of outfit :)

i truly love how fluffy the orange part and then the fact that i love the color combination of this reversible jacket. Orange and dark green just worked out effortlessly. And i love reversible things, you can just turn it inside out and there you go, you have another new jacket to wear. Zara also has one in black but i prefer this color, event though the black looks nice, but i just think it looks too common, as in the both ways are in the same color and you couldn't really tell the difference. But when black is life, go for it! Then i am pairing the reversible bomber with plain black turtleneck and mini buttoned denim skirt, which is also from Zara. Leggings and the boots are just simple and never wrong to-go combos!

On the accessorize-wise, i tried to play a little bit with this belt bag i got online, which i actually love. At first i was always having second thought on wearing this kind of bag because of the stereotype i kept having in my head. But after i bought it and used it for the first time, i fell in love. It fits all the necessities that i have to bring, and still it gives some free space left. Plus you can wear it on the belt, slip it over your shoulder diagonally or just put on one side of your shoulder. Not sure it it's visible enough, but i also wear these silver earrings, watch and bracelet alongside with me. I am just into silver pieces lately and definitely would hunt for more.

As you guys notice, probably this is a pretty amazing outfit photos that i have in my blog, the reason behind it is this time, i had the chance to be photographed by an amazing photographer that will capture your best moments called Foo Concept. Should definitely check this out especially when you're traveling. And wanna know what's best? They are also available in different parts of cities around the world. Isn't that convenient? And for your heads up, few of my upcoming posts is still lensed by Foo Concept, so i hope you guys enjoy and here are the photos you guys have been waiting for!



Bomber, Skirt - Zara
shoes - Forever 21
Turtleneck, belt bag - online
sunglasses - GU
watch - Capitola
bracelet - Victoria Hyde
earrings - Stop & Stare

location : Rock Bund & The Bund
all photos are beautifully captured by : Foo Concept

Bye and see you in my next post ,