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Test Out The Velvet Trends

January 28, 2017

Day 1 - Test Out The Velvet Trends

Hey guys! Since i am officially not having class till my graduation this mid year, i decided to do some challenge for myself. Few days ago while i was on to read some fashion news, this article about 30 Tiny Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Look Now just caught my attention and i decided to join in! Well actually i am not gonna follow 100% of the style from day 1 till 30, yet i will do the challenge randomly, include all the key items and probably change something accordingly. Here is my day 1 look!

I decided to go with Test Out The Velvet Trends thing, because i have always got a thing for velvet since around 6 years ago, ikr. When the article had a velvet skirt, and somehow velvet tops were just kind of mainstream, i will go with the velvet shoes in my all time favorite color. Dark Blue. I got this online and surprisingly comfortable remembering the price was affordable (around $30). But hey, it is gorgeous. 

There is just a bit tiny details that i would change about the velvet shoes, which is the tip of it. It shapes kind of square on the front, yet i am not a fan of it, either the tip pointy front. However, i am glad it was comfy and the heels was steady so that i could go with it all day long. But, somehow you will find yourself tired in that shoes. Beauty is such a sacrifice yas?

In order to accentuate the velvet shoes, i decided to go black with my dress, my backpack, and the coat, not forgetting the stocking. Plus, the all time fav scarf from Stradivarius that i got online and it was on sale!! So happy. By the way, did i mention i love dress with back details? This is one of the newest dress i got.

Just to garnish, i am adding black frame with pinkish shades for the sunglasses. Shanghai is definitely windy but the sun sometimes helps to warm us even just a bit. And you will see a lot of this shearling coat that i adore!! 

What do you think guys?? Join me with the #WWWwinter30 challenge and let's inspire one another!! 

See you guys tomorrow with new challenge and head over down to peek some details!



Velvet shoes - Taobao
Bodycon dress - H&M
Shearling coat - Zara
Backpack - Taobao
Stocking - Miniso
Scarf - Stradivarius
Sunglasses - Taobao
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