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One Gloomy Morning - Echo Cafe Tianzifang

December 1, 2016

DECEMBER  : The month of joy, happiness and to finish what you started. 

Well, this is also an oblique translation to finish all the assignments for the semester. One final project, one business plan with the add-ons from every single lesson. Time is literally the most precious thing here, and i am trying to manage my time to be as productive as possible, not forget to mention all the sleepless night that i will be going through :'). Nevertheless, no worries!!! Here in the very beginning of December i will share to you a very comfy cozy and feels-like-home cafe around Tianzifang. 

You can find it as Echo Cafe. There are lots of places for Echo Cafe, but the one in Tianzifang is just opened recently and then so why not we give it a try??? It is located in some tiny alley, where all the shops in Tianzifang look like. And it has 4 level with different decorations on each level, yet they are still in the same theme of trying to make you feel cozy and the songs they played were pretty awesome. And did i mention super fast wifi here??? 

My favorite spot was in the third floor where they have the balcony outside, but too bad it was kind of raining-drizzling time, so that i could not take photos outside, just to give you some insights, there will be a photo where i was trying to look happily candid and avoiding the raindrops at the same time. We picked the perfect time, Tuesday morning around 11 am. It seemed like we were the first customer to arrive (well it is true) and then there was these group of ladies coming around 1 ish. 

So the perks of coming in a weekdays morning is : 
  • Got the whole freaking place to your own.
It was like doing a rental. So you could do whatever the things you wished to do such as moving the placement of the chair. Yeap, that's what we did, apparently. Even they have cameras, the staffs were super friendly and they just let us do what we wanted to do :p
  • No other groups that will disturb you, or the other way around. 
Since we were taking photos in every decent angle that we could, we did not have to bother other people who were sitting in a super nice spot, and to borrow the spot just to take photos. Nay for me. 

  • You can just chill, kill time.
 After the hectic time to go and explore these 4-level cafe, it's possible to just chill, and you could also sleep here, i suppose. 

  • And the toilet, is super clean, and comfy.
Well, i am not joking when i said comfy, because there is the warm seated thing on the side and your can like play with it :D

So yeah, that's all about for now, and see you real soon! I'm going out of town tomorrow, can you guess where will it be ?? Clue : It's out of Shanghai.

See you in the next post!

Down below are the photos that were taken by my lovely partner, Ocha, please enjoy :)

See you in the next post, Sid
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