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Classic Trenchcoat x Plaid Scarf

November 24, 2016

Winter has finally hit us

It's starting to get super cold in Shanghai. The best thing to do is just to bundle yourself up with a super thick blanket, a cup of hot chocolate and movies to accompany your day. Yet the truth said otherwise. You need to get up very early in the morning, get ready for class and just use the thickest outfit to survive Shanghai's wind. Great thing about winter is, you can be creative with the outfit, keep layering and layering, still look stylish. 

While we were going to the metro, the impressive alley around Tianzifang, and decided to take photos here!! The old street of Tianzifang reminds me of a place near my home back in Jakarta. In this frame, i did not seem to be in China, but its more like European-style alley, don't you think??

Turtleneck is my best friend now, since the wind is crazy, and you don't want to feel like freezing all the time. I just bought the turtleneck from taobao when its 11.11 (for you guys who lives in China knows exactly what i mean) the fabric is quite warm, soft and they have numerous colors. I bought three different colors for the turtleneck. 

As for my trenchcoat, i bought it from Pull&Bear last year and i did not have the chance to wear it until now. That's just my style, buying lots of outfits in hoping to wear it these days, but it ended up piling up in my wardrobe and just discover the things that i never wear the next season. Probably you still can find the similar trenchcoat as this one, just check to the store and explore.. 

I am feeling kind of excited when my scarf arrived! Yeap bought it online from Stradivarius and its like 49 RMB (thank's to 11.11 effect). I'm loving every bit of the color, the pattern and the length on how its just perfect, but the drawback was that the fabric is easy to pill so you need to treat it super careful. This is like my first plaid scarf where i only own just basic plain color. 

Then my favorite accessories nowadays is the silver necklace from Forever21. Love at first sight, i know that i have to own this necklace immediately. The ways it falls perfectly and give the special accents to your plain black shirt is just beautiful. The rest of backpack, and shoes are from taobao. I shopped a lot on 11.11 plus it was my first time shopping from taobao. I realized how easy and dangerous it is to click and then suddenly you have your things arrived the next day. God Bless Me :)

What do you think of the overall looks, guys?? Perhaps you could tell me about your opinion, and wait for the next post inside a super cool and homey cafe in Tianzifang! 

See you next post ;)

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Scarf - Stradivarius
Trenchcoat - Pull & Bear
Jeans - Guess
Necklace - Forever21
Turtleneck - taobao
Backpack - taobao
Boots - taobao
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