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Hiking The Great Wall in Tribal Skirt

October 13, 2016

Great Wall of China is sure AMAZING.

I spent my National holiday or 国庆节 (guo qing jie) in Beijing! I left Shanghai on 3rd and staying in Beijing until 7th October. I wish i could just went faster and went back later, because 5 days were not enough according me. Well, maybe it was because our schedule and then Beijing was raining almost the whole week, the sunny day was only on the 3rd day and that's the reason me and my friends were planning to go to The Great Wall. We left our hotel around 11 am, because it took 2.5 hours just to reach this side of Great Wall.

This area called 水长城(shui chang cheng). Thanks to my friend that has recommended this spot for us, because it was gorgeous and the view was amazing, no crowds, we could take photos as much as we like and the lakeside around was pretty awesome. Going to 水长城(shui chang cheng) on National Holiday is so perfect because we wanted to avoid the crowds in the other side of Great Wall where there are very touristic place. Because it was National Holiday, and everyone wanted to see the very traditional places in Beijing. A lot of people in Beijing was one of the reason why we did not visit and get the ticket to the Forbidden City, since it was fully book until the weekend. 

The day before we were at 王府井 (Wang fu jing), where there are lots of street foods and most of them are unique, in a way, like they sell fried scorpions, starfishes, seahorses, centipedes, and other insects that are too weird to be written down. For all of you who's been there, you must know exactly what i feel at that moment (i was so sad that i did not take photos of the market since i was so busy trying out the fried scorpions and it tasted quite yummy) If you follow my Snapchat (@sidney_scarlett) and Instagram , you must have seen the video when i was eating the scorpion! hahaha. At first i was doubting it, but then i realized that i am in Beijing, so just might as well try them!

Then we bought couple Chinese tees together! They are all actually for men but we bought it anyway #fashiongirlproblem when owning women's outfit is just not enough. I bought the shirt in 2 colors, white and navy, just because i have a thing with navy. Then all of us were playing with the outfit by combining a tank top inside our shirt. Then i was not thinking that hiking the Great Wall was hard, so i just grabbed my tribal skirt from H&M. Yet, i realized that the stairs were not exactly the same sizes, so that there are small ones, medium ones and very big ones. Eventually, i managed to climb the highest point for this area of Great Wall (yeay to us! uhm, actually some of us). 

From now on, there will be TIPS for every travel posts that i will share with you guys, so here are the info :
  • Check the weather. 
Better prepare your outfit and avoid going when the weather forecast shows it will rain, because there will be no fun to take huge amount of photos when it's raining. And if you are planning to go on winter, make sure to wear lots and lots of layer (and thick coat)

  • Bring your camera, selfie stick, or fish eyes. 
Here are the essential to capture those perfect view of one of the 7 wonders of the world

  • Use your shoes. 
Either its running shoes, hiking shoes, or whatever shoes. Just make sure you are comfortable to walk all the way to the top, because i saw ayi (what we usually call older women) and she was just using these black lace dress and black heels to the Great Wall. I just can't. hahaha

  • Prepare yourself with drinks and probably snacks. 
Long way to go would be perfect to munch a little something on the way.

  • Be careful. 
Just watch your steps and do not focus on your phones while climbing up especially climbing down, because the stairs are not exactly the same height and you might fall!

All of us were not in a very good stamina when we went to the Great Wall since we had a little amount of sleep time and then the super headache that just came to us, but we manage to enjoy the Great Wall so far! Even some of us were super sick on the way. Yet, it was such an amazing experience and see you another time, Beijing!

 Chinese top - Wang fu jing market
tribal skirt & shoes - H&M
clutch - Charles & Keith

Bye from the Fashion Marketing third year girls of IFA Paris

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See you in the next post,

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Sidney Goes To Disneyland

October 9, 2016

I was at the HAPPIEST place on earth.

Who is not excited for DISNEYLAND? This is my first ever going to disneyland since its first opening in June, last summer holiday to be exact. I was not planning to go to Disneyland but i had like a day off on weekdays, so why not going to the happiest place on earth??? Like i said, i was a happy kid all day inside Disneyland. FYI, the tickets are 370 RMB for weekdays and 499 RMB for weekends and public holidays. You can buy the tickets online too here

My favorite ride is Tron, the excitement was real and how the area are built is super cool and very futuristic with a touch of dark and blue lights around the arena. Plus, the building lights on at night! How cool was that? People should definitely try and play Tron when they visit Disneyland Shanghai. The good thing of going on weekdays is not that many people are visiting Disneyland at that time, and you get to play Tron three times a day. 

It was not our intention to go inside Tron three times, but because of some "miscommunication" and "false alarm" from a friend of mine, well, we ended up having Tron as our first and last ride in Disneyland. Right, why not make the most out of it when you had the chance??? Another must-visit attraction from Disneyland Shanghai is Pirates and the Caribbean. The ride was super amazingg and the effects of the screen was over my expectation, which is incredible. You will sit in a boat and you can see the whole experience of being a pirates in like around 15 minutes. There was this time when it was unbelievable to see someone in fire and then he turned to Jack Sparrow. 

We bought the cutest pizza for lunch. Although the portion was OK for an adult, but i ended up sharing with my friend because we were saving our tummy for the dinner. Yeap, we tried the best cheesecake on planet, together with pizza (again). The cheesecakes were beyond delicious!!! I ordered the one with cookies dough, and i tried also the famous strawberry cheesecake. I would not mind having 1 hour 30 minutes trip to Disneyland just to have another slice of the cheesecake (well, pardon me, because cheesecake and pizza are my lyfe).

For my outfit, i wear something simple and still look effortless, i had pants under the denim top with a white belt, because the weather was kind of windy at that time, so wearing a denim top did not cause me any trouble and it my top was pretty functional to go to Disneyland. I wear a strap sandals there and it is super comfortable, even it has a flatform look, but my feet were feeling ok from the morning until the night. 

Since i have experienced my time at Disneyland, here i'll share some tips for you guys just because sharing is caring :)

  • Bring jackets or sweaters
For you guys who are going to Disneyland in this weather, make sure to bring some jackets or sweaters for the night, if you wish to stay and see the fireworks show. But i reccommend you should, because it was magical. 

  • Sunblocks, and hats
Just because you should protect your face and make sure you are enjoying the rest of the day at Disney! And don't forget tissues, it is always come in handy.

  • Umbrella.
Better check the weather first ;)
  • Shoes.
There is one adventure arena that needs you to be wearing a proper shoes that covers the entire feet. So if you wish to try all the arena, just use shoes instead of sandals.
  • Snacks and drinks
Since they allow you to bring foods and drinks from outside, why not prepare some chips or cookies for the day? Since everything inside Disneyland is quite pricey and you could save some money there.
  • Take care of your belongings
always, and be careful there !

Here are some photos from Disneyland, the happiest place on earth. Psst, make sure to stay and follow my post because the next post is gonna be posing on the Great Wall of China ;)

Denim dress - Mystyle 
Sandals - Shanghai
Belt - New Look 

Thanks to my Ningbo friend, Michael for taking the beautiful photos 

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See you in the next post,