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Salmon Hair with Olive Outer

September 21, 2016

Hello from Shanghai !

It's been a while since the last time i posted (pardon me because of the hectic schedule when i first got back here with PERMIT Shanghai things like meeting the President, having regular meeting for events, dance practices for the ultimate event of Rendezvous 2016 and new term's schedule which is pretty awesome for this month).

Last Sunday was the day for me visiting one of the "photogenic" universities in Shanghai. People called it Shanghai Normal University or 上海师范大学 or you just call it SNU for most Indonesians like me. Located in Guilin Park line 12 and it was not very far from my place, in fact, it was quite near that i took a bus for 4 stops to be there.

The weather was quite windy for mid September but thank god there was some sunlight in the middle of evening, which made the weather pretty awesome for a picnic by the park. Subtle changes of the weather reminds me of my hair color. Yeap it was super pink cotton candy before and it keeps fading and fading till its salmon-ish color now.

Autumn is around the corner, and i love how this olive outer fits me perfectly. With the puffy accent and the cropped hem, the olive outer is very convenient to wear and you can layer it with anything you wish. What i really love about the outer is that the material is pretty soft and good quality for such a cheap price. And the design was good, since it is not that simple when you can see some alphabets on the front.

I was in the mood of using blue jeans these days, probably because i left my one and only blue jeans back in Indo for the last 2 years, that i missed wearing the jeans. I love on how the jeans still fits me (thank god) and i paired it with the olive outer that i got from a market here in Shanghai. Basically i'm using my usual basics like jeans, gray tank top, and dearest white slip ons that is starting to get kind of dusty. 

Anyways, last week was awesome and hectic weekend for me, how about you guys?? :)

See you in the next post, Sid
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