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BAGISM : Bags That Worth Your While

September 27, 2016

Girls cannot live without bags. 
Well at least that's me. I was super excited to visit this BAGISM exhibition in K11 last Sunday. Thankfully the exhibition are still on until October 10th 2016. For you guys who are into fashion, trends, bags and arts, i would really recommend this BAGISM exhibition if you are in Shanghai. The ticket cost for 100 RMB (bring your student card to get 20% off). By the way, they offer you some kind of package together with the bag if you prefer, which is more expensive. But if you are on a budget and just really want to have an insight about the BAGISM exhibition, take beautiful pictures with amazing backgrounds, choosing only the ticket fees would not be a bad thing!

I was super amazed by how differ and unique bags could be from the year of 1400 until now, when they have bags in all different sizes, different materials, different functions and different names to be exact. There will be ones called purse, clutch, backpack, sling bag, handbag, when they all have one same purpose in the beginning, to help people carry things. 

By the way, ever wonder where did the terms of BAGISM come from? Well it was actually created by John Lennon and Yoko Ono as a part of their campaign in the 60s. This BAGISM intention from the beginning was to "satirize prejudice and stereotyping", as written in an online source. This BAGISM exhibition basically invited you to take a crystal clear look on this functional items that have evolved to a must have fashion items nowadays. 

Let's cut this long introduction and let me show you of some of the pieces that are extremely beautiful and worth your while. 

The escalator to BAGISM exhibition


Dior's bag in multiple models, even with a dinosaur skeletion inside

Animal-related clutch, from panda to ladybug, from iguana to i am not sure what are they called

Breakfast with croissant, toasts, and milk or big breakfast with burger instead?

Another unique purse or clutch in the exhibition 

The hand, the eye 

Chanel lego edition and cards edition

Moschino and Chanel

 A drop of No.5, you all know who says that line, don't  you?

The legendary LV with its pattern and some cute aliens in the middle.

Who's a fan of Dracula? Me.. Who's a fan of Alice? Me,too, i guess.

I feel this is look more of a Indonesian batik and very traditional compared to others - Oplum Smokers bag 

Abstractly beauty

Lucite bags - my new favorite material.

Who fancy a champagne bag and cards shaped bag?

Can you spot a sailor moon inside?

Special thanks to a dear friend of mine, Cindy Felisiana, who is literally my photographer during the entire time of BAGISM exhibition. Plus, she is also credited for my SNU Trip here in Salmon Hair with Grey Outer. Have you guys check it?

PS : the complete address of K11 is here : chi K11美术馆 (上海市黄浦区淮海中路300号K11购物艺术中心B3层) 
Open from 10 am - 8 pm

See you in the next post, 

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