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August 10, 2016

Hi peps! This will be another post from Bali, Sheraton Kuta to be exact. It was a sunny Sunday that me and my aunt decided to have a brunch time. We arrived at Sheraton arround 12 ish, and went straight to the restaurant named feast. What was unique about the brunch session was that you can do grocery shopping inside the restaurant up to 1 kg per person. They provided apples, tomatoes, cucumber, and other healthy veggies, plus they will give you bread, too! 

After filling our stomach with the never ending session of eating (because you do not want to waste buffet thing), we sat for a while inside the restaurant and planning to do an evening dip on the pool. 
The view from swimming pool was amazing, we could literally see Kuta Beach just in front. Since the pool is located on higher level, the view was even more breathtaking when the sun was setting. The palm trees, the wind breeze, the sound of the waves. Perfect. 

About the outfit : Actually the top and the skirt are just way too long being in my closet, especially the top, and its the first time i am wearing it. I got it from Pull & Bear, and i fell in love instantly with the model. It does not look like ordinary top, you can style it as an off-shoulder, or if you prefer to cover your shoulder, it's fine as well. 

I love skirts, preferably the one that i can do a twist in and looks gorgeous. The material is soft, and the waist is made of rubber, so you won't feel disturb at all wearing it all day long. I feel like i am the 50s girl in this Dior's new look kind of outfit. Wait till you see me twisting in blue skirt!! #spoileralert

Wanna see me do the twist in this skirt?? Head up to my instagram page here :)


stripes top - Pull & Bear 
red skirt - Macadamia House
sunglasses - hotwind 

See ya in the next post,

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