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Culottes, Cutout and Cliffs

August 22, 2016

Hi from Tebing Keraton, Bandung!
It took -+ 3 km hiking to arrive at this stunning panorama. We left from our villa at 9 am and went directly here, when we walked to reach the cliff, the weather was super hot and the sun was unbelievably bright. So at some point we just took some rest, and most of the time we stopped to take a lot of selfies during our stops. 

Nowadays, i am loving too much cutout things. Starts from cutout dresses, cutout tops, and i have not try cutout pants before but, i guess that should probably look cool. Back then i was literally buying all the cutout things i could possibly find, especially from Forever 21. Now i would still buy some, if the pieces are really attractive to me. 

I thought that Bandung was going to be cold, especially when i am up in the hills now. Well, what i could feel at that time was sweat all over me. Thank god i wore this sleeveless cutout from Forever 21 and thin outer that i found in a market, which is actually very comfy. 

The photos were taken by the one and only Larissa Yuanita (Ps : she is the one that we all know as chubbytraveller :D ) Thank you for taking the photos with your food specialty digital camera hahaha 


top - Forever 21
pants & outer - Shanghai Market

See you in the next post,

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