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Color Of The Year 2016 : Rose Quartz

August 30, 2016

Had the major decision to make for my hair, and finally i decided to bleach all parts of my hair and gone Rose Quartz! It was a quick decision to make, at first, i wanted to dye it purple, but then suddenly i changed my mind and to make it pinkish. It was not that easy to walk away from the salon after you had your hair totally pink. When everyone were just watching your hair and each time i walked, all eyes were on me hahahha. But then after 2 days, it was feeling quite usual of myself with this color and thank god it did not turn out weird :).

What my hair feels like now : kind of dry and it is better to keep your hair in a very good shape so it does not look messy and try to keep your hair from falling off easily by using less heat to the hair whenever possible. Plus, it is super helpful to use some coconut oil to keep it moist, healthy and shiny. It really takes extra effort when it comes to bleaching your hair. What do you think of the colors? 

The photos was taken in Puncak, went there because it was my last free Sunday in Jakarta and i would like to try some traditional food there before going back. But unfortunately, the road was super crowded, traffic jam everywhere but it was kind of a worth trip. 25 degrees was the temperature at that moment, so it was convenient to wear short pants and thin outfits. Sometimes it rained, then stopped, then it rained again. So i decided to wear reversible bomber jacket, white shirt and this H&M favorite slip ons.

I love on how the bomber jacket has 2 ways to wear when you are bored with one color, just change it with the other one. And did you ever see this bomber somewhere? Yes, this is the one tha BIGBANG were using on their MADE tour. I was so into this a while ago but then just had the chance to wear this now. Probably this is going to be last post before going back to China. And yes, it is super difficult to open blogspot there since you have to connect with VPN and stuffs, but i will definitely post more and more content :D.

Here are some photos that were taken in Puncak, Melrimba Garden. 

 reversible bomber jacket 
white top 
ombre clutch - Charles & Keith
white slip ons - H&M

See you in the next post,

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