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August 8, 2016

Hello people! First post in August is going to be about my trip to Bali last July. Sorry for the late update because i just did not bring my laptop and been away from home for almost three weeks (busy girl) :p. Wait no more, here are the details!

I've always wanted to go to Bali since like long time ago, because the last time i went there was 2008. And believe me, so much things have changed during that period. My bucket lists of Bali were literally beach, and cafe. I was about to go to hike, but the timing is just not great, so i decided not to and probably going there some other time. 

First stop, Pandawa Beach. It was around 4 or 5 when i arrived. The view is just breathtaking and amazingly beautiful. The great view calmed my mind and it is true, saltwater cures all wound and you just think of nothing except the sound of the waves, the blue sky, and the cool water that touched your feet.

About my outfit, i love the style and the cutting so much! I got it from Forever21. It was unplanned shopping (what happen to me most of the time), when i was just strolling on HuaiHai Lu, and i went inside the store, suddenly my eyes caught this beautifully cutted dress and thank god the last piece was my size! Without any doubt, i went to the cashier and bought this beauty piece <3 .="" p="">

The cutting was perfect and it fits my body so well, that i did not have to struggle to fix my dress all the time, because if you see the dress, you might be thinking that the dress will be uncomfortable and it's too revealing, but it's not at all.

I could just stare for hours and sit here,


Dress - Forever 21
Clutch - Charles & Keith

See you in the next post, Sid
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