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Color Of The Year 2016 : Rose Quartz

August 30, 2016

Had the major decision to make for my hair, and finally i decided to bleach all parts of my hair and gone Rose Quartz! It was a quick decision to make, at first, i wanted to dye it purple, but then suddenly i changed my mind and to make it pinkish. It was not that easy to walk away from the salon after you had your hair totally pink. When everyone were just watching your hair and each time i walked, all eyes were on me hahahha. But then after 2 days, it was feeling quite usual of myself with this color and thank god it did not turn out weird :).

What my hair feels like now : kind of dry and it is better to keep your hair in a very good shape so it does not look messy and try to keep your hair from falling off easily by using less heat to the hair whenever possible. Plus, it is super helpful to use some coconut oil to keep it moist, healthy and shiny. It really takes extra effort when it comes to bleaching your hair. What do you think of the colors? 

The photos was taken in Puncak, went there because it was my last free Sunday in Jakarta and i would like to try some traditional food there before going back. But unfortunately, the road was super crowded, traffic jam everywhere but it was kind of a worth trip. 25 degrees was the temperature at that moment, so it was convenient to wear short pants and thin outfits. Sometimes it rained, then stopped, then it rained again. So i decided to wear reversible bomber jacket, white shirt and this H&M favorite slip ons.

I love on how the bomber jacket has 2 ways to wear when you are bored with one color, just change it with the other one. And did you ever see this bomber somewhere? Yes, this is the one tha BIGBANG were using on their MADE tour. I was so into this a while ago but then just had the chance to wear this now. Probably this is going to be last post before going back to China. And yes, it is super difficult to open blogspot there since you have to connect with VPN and stuffs, but i will definitely post more and more content :D.

Here are some photos that were taken in Puncak, Melrimba Garden. 

 reversible bomber jacket 
white top 
ombre clutch - Charles & Keith
white slip ons - H&M

See you in the next post,


Enchanted Off Shoulder

August 27, 2016

Exactly another week left to be here in Jakarta. Excited and nervous at the same time are my mixed feeling right now. Since i am about to start last year in university and the time to leave home. Where literally almost everyday i went out and just explore the city, either to search for some excitement of just to find decent place to sit and talk for hours with people you care about.

This time i went to a place called Snctry. A healthy bar that serves really amazing acai bowls with good price! The ambiance was so great and the interior was unique that gave me the feeling of Bali vibe in a way. Summer is always perfect to be paired with an outfit that looks effortless and comfortable in the same time. Which is why i am deeply in love with off shoulder top from marlyinclothes

The fabric was light, and somehow i just love navy with no reasons, because sometimes love has no reasons :). Feeling great about my top, i try to find something that is as unique as my top, and thankfully i found my wrap skorts from GU that i have not been able to wear since last year. Yeap. Worst habit of mine : buying unique clothes and sometimes you forgot you had them. Maybe next time i should put notices on every new outfits. 

It would be perfect to do a color coordinate for my shoes together with the skorts. Since i am using my favorite ombre navy clutch from Charles & Keith. So my first pick was white slip ons to complete the off shoulder - wrap skorts combination. Last but not least, i would not go out without accessories. So i am using the vintage choker that has 2 linings. the thick one was made from velvet and the second thin one was just a string with triangle icon in the middle.

And i am starting to post regularly on chictopia and lookbook! Would you guys mind to take a look? :)


off shoulder top - Marilyn 
wrapped skort - GU
clutch - Charles & Keith (as seen as in Off My Shoulder
slip ons - H&M

See you in the next post,

 Sid <3 p="">

Culottes, Cutout and Cliffs

August 22, 2016

Hi from Tebing Keraton, Bandung!
It took -+ 3 km hiking to arrive at this stunning panorama. We left from our villa at 9 am and went directly here, when we walked to reach the cliff, the weather was super hot and the sun was unbelievably bright. So at some point we just took some rest, and most of the time we stopped to take a lot of selfies during our stops. 

Nowadays, i am loving too much cutout things. Starts from cutout dresses, cutout tops, and i have not try cutout pants before but, i guess that should probably look cool. Back then i was literally buying all the cutout things i could possibly find, especially from Forever 21. Now i would still buy some, if the pieces are really attractive to me. 

I thought that Bandung was going to be cold, especially when i am up in the hills now. Well, what i could feel at that time was sweat all over me. Thank god i wore this sleeveless cutout from Forever 21 and thin outer that i found in a market, which is actually very comfy. 

The photos were taken by the one and only Larissa Yuanita (Ps : she is the one that we all know as chubbytraveller :D ) Thank you for taking the photos with your food specialty digital camera hahaha 


top - Forever 21
pants & outer - Shanghai Market

See you in the next post,

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Forever Summer Fling

August 14, 2016

This was literally my last weekend in Bali before i went back 2 days after. I did not want to get back so soon but i have to run some errands on the beginning of August. But, no worries, my Padang Padang Beach bucket list is checked!

I went there on Saturday, which explains a lots of people there swimming, sunbathing, and even surfing. But only pro surfers are usually here because this beach has quite lot of reefs that might be dangerous if you hit it with the surf boards. 

4 pm at Padang Padang Beach is somehow perfect to have a short and quick dip since the sun is not as flashy as 12 pm. But, my skin seemed a lil bit darker from the time before i went to Bali and spending times literally just to go to the beach. 

I don't feel like writing a lot here in this post, because some feelings are just indescribable. Here is some of the photos my dearest aunt took for me! hoping i could go back before leaving Indo on September. 

Next post : time to go to Bandung! #spoileralert.


ombre tank - H&M
bikini & high waist pants - Forever 21

Mademoiselle en Rouge

August 10, 2016

Hi peps! This will be another post from Bali, Sheraton Kuta to be exact. It was a sunny Sunday that me and my aunt decided to have a brunch time. We arrived at Sheraton arround 12 ish, and went straight to the restaurant named feast. What was unique about the brunch session was that you can do grocery shopping inside the restaurant up to 1 kg per person. They provided apples, tomatoes, cucumber, and other healthy veggies, plus they will give you bread, too! 

After filling our stomach with the never ending session of eating (because you do not want to waste buffet thing), we sat for a while inside the restaurant and planning to do an evening dip on the pool. 
The view from swimming pool was amazing, we could literally see Kuta Beach just in front. Since the pool is located on higher level, the view was even more breathtaking when the sun was setting. The palm trees, the wind breeze, the sound of the waves. Perfect. 

About the outfit : Actually the top and the skirt are just way too long being in my closet, especially the top, and its the first time i am wearing it. I got it from Pull & Bear, and i fell in love instantly with the model. It does not look like ordinary top, you can style it as an off-shoulder, or if you prefer to cover your shoulder, it's fine as well. 

I love skirts, preferably the one that i can do a twist in and looks gorgeous. The material is soft, and the waist is made of rubber, so you won't feel disturb at all wearing it all day long. I feel like i am the 50s girl in this Dior's new look kind of outfit. Wait till you see me twisting in blue skirt!! #spoileralert

Wanna see me do the twist in this skirt?? Head up to my instagram page here :)


stripes top - Pull & Bear 
red skirt - Macadamia House
sunglasses - hotwind 

See ya in the next post,