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Calling All The Black

May 3, 2016

Fashion show preparation is always hectic.

Last month, our class had a project to do a fashion show for our designer friends. Since we are in the marketing major, we organized all the things expect the garment (of course). We were searching models, deciding place, lifting the chairs, super heavy tables, cutting the carpet to make it as one line that the models could walk on.

My job during the show was to welcoming all the guests including the VIPs, where all the media, partners of IFA and teachers + students were seating at their seats, my job has finished! The fashion show took place in Bonobo Shanghai, Donghu Lu. The place was pretty cool, and we try to make and organize it to be even cooler.

The theme of fashion show was Denim. So all the best garment created by the 2nd year students of design were presented on this day. There were about 24 different denim garments and all of them were so spectacularly awesome. The first opening was a dress inspired by chandelier in denim. Can you imagine how cool was that??

Yet i forgot one thing. When you are moving all the furniture, it is nice to put them back in order again, means that our job did not finish after the fashion show. We need to pack things up again as the way we came the first place. But, when you are being awarded for a free flow chandon from 9-12, why not???
Cheers to UGFM M2C1 guys. We rock the show.

Tiring but fun, full of experiences. So much to do for only a 15 minutes show. But that's what fashion show is all about. At the meantime during the preparation, shooting some OOTD photos with baes are just right!


See you in the next post,
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