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Symposium in Modern Styled Batik

April 23, 2016

Day 2 : Maritime Symposium was a blast. Even when most of us came in late and did miss some introduction in the first place, we did our best to come as soon as possible. Yeap. After the night before we had super late dinner and got back to the apartment around 4 am. The symposium took place at the University Of Hong Kong, and it is such a lovely place. I wish the school where i study had these kind of environment, buildings, and the vibe were just awesome. We could really get lost there if we did not have the LO telling us where to go next. 

The dresscode of any Indonesian event must be batik. The photos shown how would i styled the batik to be formal-ish + casual-ish kind of day :p. This is the 3rd time i wore the batik since like 5 years ago. Since i had to use batik for friday uniforms, yet i always get too comfortable with one style and refuse to change the top. So for the last 3 years in my high school, i always use the same  batik. But now i am starting to fall in love with this pattern <3 .="" p="">

Another thing to tell you guys is about the bag! Yes i love the Charles & Keith Metal Tip Crossbody Bag too much. The black color, the gold accent and some V kind of details on the front are the elements that build together classiness and versatile at the same time. Besides the outfit, did you realize i am using lipstick? It does not really obvious because i applied it carefully and gently, and not putting as much color as it should be when the color is dark red. Because in this event, i just want to look subtle and not too bold as this is my first Congress. 

The schedule was pretty tight that day, but thank god it was seminars so whenever i feel like falling asleep i just went out to find some fresh air, soothing view, and some snacks just in case. The moment i took the photos was when we were planning to buy snacks and to eat during the seminar because i just want to be honest. I sleep for only 3 hours :')

Ah and by the way, did you guys know my intention going to Hong Kong?? The story will be up soon!

Details of the outfit will be shown down below.

 Metal Tip Crossbody Bag - Charles & Keith 
Slip Ons - Zara
Black Stretched Pants - Uniqlo 
M&M bracelet - online

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