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Work That Cable Knit - Parka Combo

March 26, 2016

Red was supposed to be the theme of today's ootd. But somehow, i managed to change into a navy cable knit parka combo 15 min before going out from the house because of one thing : the breeze. Nothing can predict Shanghai's weather when you were having fun with the sun last week and suddenly the breeze just hit your face like a splash of cold water. 

Apart from the busy college girl life, my eyes looks so freaking tired here and most of the shoots are like with my eyes half open and something like that. Well, i did not get that much sleep lately, but i am enjoying this adrenaline rush :3. By the way, this is just out of topic but i made lunch : Avocado on bread. Yum. Definitely super yum. 

About the surroundings, this was outside my expectation to found a place like this inside the school area, but turns out pretty good for some snaps. The feeling kind of remind me to be back in Indonesia with all the flaws and the sun, the traffic and the alley like this. Thank god i am wearing this thick navy cable knit sweater that saved me from the wind. Sometimes, what you want to wear does not match with the weather you are currently facing. As the parka is super thin, i still get the warmth from the navy cable knit sweater. 

One great thing that i love from my navy cable knit sweater is that i bought it from H&M sale for only 70 kuai. Which is a super good deal. and i bought 3 different colors. Yes i know, i just could not stop last week :'). Lesson for next shoot : I should be wearing scarf since my neck is freezing. haha. Please scroll down to see the details of outfit ..

I am leaving Shanghai this Friday, yeay!

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Navy Cable Knit Sweater - H&M
Owl necklace - Forever 21
Parka - Old Navy
Black Pants - Uniqlo
Black Slip Ons - Zara

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