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Ready For Spring

March 7, 2016

Spring should be here around the corner, yet Shanghai's weather is still pretty much winter-ish. Because of the temperature when today is cold and tomorrow can be super sunny as if it was summer already. Yeah this kind of weather is pretty much confusing when you want to get rid of all your heavy coats and downjackets. But, it does not stop me from dressing in a spring mode !!

A light camel trenchcoat, together with a black ribbed sleeveless dress plus black boots and a new ombre blue clutch is the outfit i was using on Sunday. I need to dress modest enough because i was going to the church that day, which explains my super long trench, yet i love it so much. And to add a little bit more sparkle to the outfit, i decided to wear my sea theme necklace and some rings.

I love my mini clutch super bad. The first time i saw it i was like "OMG, i want this". But then again i waited for few days probably i would change my mind not to buy it, but then i can't so the next day i came back and really bought it plus another bag, which i am not planning to :'). But it makes me happy tho, since i have more bags to wear hahha.

I love it because the ombre look and i try to look online, but i don't think they have it in Indonesia (so its lucky for me that i found it here). You can check to the web of Charles and Keith (click on the name coz i linked it).

The story behind my outfit was i just feel like to dress in an Europe mode (you know what i mean?) by the trenchcoat as in London style, black dress as Parisian always wear and the high boots as in New York crowds.

Details is on the end of post , and what do you guys think? Yay or nay?

Trenchcoat - Promod
Dress - Pull & Bear
Clutch - Charles & Keith
Boots - Market
Necklace - New Look

See you in the next post, Sid
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