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Work That Cable Knit - Parka Combo

March 26, 2016

Red was supposed to be the theme of today's ootd. But somehow, i managed to change into a navy cable knit parka combo 15 min before going out from the house because of one thing : the breeze. Nothing can predict Shanghai's weather when you were having fun with the sun last week and suddenly the breeze just hit your face like a splash of cold water. 

Apart from the busy college girl life, my eyes looks so freaking tired here and most of the shoots are like with my eyes half open and something like that. Well, i did not get that much sleep lately, but i am enjoying this adrenaline rush :3. By the way, this is just out of topic but i made lunch : Avocado on bread. Yum. Definitely super yum. 

About the surroundings, this was outside my expectation to found a place like this inside the school area, but turns out pretty good for some snaps. The feeling kind of remind me to be back in Indonesia with all the flaws and the sun, the traffic and the alley like this. Thank god i am wearing this thick navy cable knit sweater that saved me from the wind. Sometimes, what you want to wear does not match with the weather you are currently facing. As the parka is super thin, i still get the warmth from the navy cable knit sweater. 

One great thing that i love from my navy cable knit sweater is that i bought it from H&M sale for only 70 kuai. Which is a super good deal. and i bought 3 different colors. Yes i know, i just could not stop last week :'). Lesson for next shoot : I should be wearing scarf since my neck is freezing. haha. Please scroll down to see the details of outfit ..

I am leaving Shanghai this Friday, yeay!

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Navy Cable Knit Sweater - H&M
Owl necklace - Forever 21
Parka - Old Navy
Black Pants - Uniqlo
Black Slip Ons - Zara

About Black in Blue Highlights

March 21, 2016

Friday used to be the best part of the week when you don't have class till 6 pm in the evening. When i was preparing for the outfit, i did not think of this outfit at all, but after scanning through my closet i decided to wear this black and blue combo. Well at first i was aiming for the shoes, because i know i am going to teach a girl in Pudong and it takes me forever to go there from my school (well technically 1.5 hour by metro + walking time). And then i figured it out i am not going there with heels so i picked this suede high boots with no heels at all that saved my feet.

The morning class was OK, and then we had 2 hours lunch but then the photos were taken like 10 min before class, so that i did not do that much poses and it was like a quick wind wooooshh and we're done. The little black dress is very comfortable, even though its short and fitted, but it did not disturb me from doing activities. 

Photos were taken just beside the school, where they have some rustic fences and weird wire cable shape. The sharp background just contradicts my outfit theme, where its very sweet romantic and feminine, but that's what makes a great photo (haha, as one of my lecturer always said : you need balance, or you need something to pop up).

And just to inform once again is i am currently in the making of March Lookbook, soo i hope you guys would enjoy it cause i work pretty hard on this one (finger crossed).

PS : next week i am travelling to another city! Can guess where that is??

Little Black Dress - H&M
Blue Blazer - Stradivarius
Necklace - Forever 21
Black Suede Boots - GU

Girl in Bomber Jacket with Gem

March 19, 2016

I adore anything gem related accessories plus gold + silver. I was feeling kind of boyish on Thursday so that i decided to wear the plaid bomber jacket paired with ribbed light sweater. Shanghai's weather is super unpredictable that sometimes when you are ready to dress in a spring mode, it literally changed to never-ending-winter mode. It is kind of hard when i wanted to get rid of all the heavy jackets. But at least you get some spring spirit in the field outside the school. 

This morning we went to InterTextile Exhibition Shanghai, located in East Xujing (end of line 2). It was super crowded in the metro, where i guess everyone was going to the exhibition. Huge place, varioous different brands and factories. It was such an opportunity to go there, where you can register online for free and you get to meet the people who is expert in their field. We went there for assignments, otherwise i don't think i will go there just to see the exhibition because the time matter. 

Windy, gloomy, and humid explain Shanghai a lot. That's why when i wore the slit ribbed sweater in  thin plaid bomber jacket my friends were like "Are you not cold?" and i was like "Nahh, i am starting to get used to Shanghai weather". 1 year and a half is a good adaptation time range, i guess. 

I like having something pops up in my outfit, either accessories, outerwear, or even bags. But this shoot i tried to focus on the plaid bomber jacket and gem necklace. I got crazy last Tuesday, doing shopping spree from H&M and Forever21. But for accessories, Forever 21 is my love <3. Almost every accessories there are my favorites ! Even though it's cheap, but not cheaper compared to the one in Jakarta, but well at least I got them !!

Accessories - Forever 21
Plaid Bomber Jacket - Stradivarius
Back Slit Ribbed Sweater - Pull & Bear
Leather pants - Forever 21
Slip On - Zara

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Long Black Outerwear

March 16, 2016

I could not be happier today because i just did a huge H&M haul yesterday. Well i bought almost everything i like in H&M Crystal Galleria in Jing'an. I really reccomend you guys if you are staying in Shanghai or just travelling here, because their collection is good (especially for the sale section). This Wednesday i was trying to wake up early but as always i failed. So i did not really have plan to prepare my outfit and the outerwear thin coat plus the boots just keep staying in my head, which is some sort of sign that i should wear it very soon. 

Can you guess how much i got the long black outerwear? It was on sale and i've been wanting this item so bad, luckily i did not rush things and did not expect they would put it on sale from 500 to 200 RMB. Which is a very good deal! It does not take me long enough to put this beautiful long black outerwear inside my shopping back and constantly searching for more (girls). 

Whereas the white + black shirt is from Forever 21. I bought it last year during summer so the fabric is quite light and thin, very suitable for this spring temperature with a little touch of outerwear. The pants is quite loose and does not stretch, which kind of minim your movement but then if you are not planning to do any sports with this pants then you're OK !

The awkward thing that happened during the shoot was when bunch of Chinese soldiers watch you posing :'), made me limit myself in terms of posing because they were staring at me and it was quite intimidating.

And i love my new boots from H&M, for now i have 8 pairs of boots, only boots, either high heels, medium, or without heels. I just could not get enough. Well actually, girls are just could not get enough of black boots. Guess how much the price was!! Got it for 100 RMB, yeah they were discounted coz i think they want to get rid of all the boots and change to something more "Spring Feeling". 

Pardon my awkward face and posing,,

PS : tomorrow we are attending an exhibition and what would i wear?? Stay tuned for more!

See you guys 

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 Outerwear - H&M
Shirt - Forever 21
Green Pants - Old Navy
Black Boots - H&M
Bag - New Look

Ready For Spring

March 7, 2016

Spring should be here around the corner, yet Shanghai's weather is still pretty much winter-ish. Because of the temperature when today is cold and tomorrow can be super sunny as if it was summer already. Yeah this kind of weather is pretty much confusing when you want to get rid of all your heavy coats and downjackets. But, it does not stop me from dressing in a spring mode !!

A light camel trenchcoat, together with a black ribbed sleeveless dress plus black boots and a new ombre blue clutch is the outfit i was using on Sunday. I need to dress modest enough because i was going to the church that day, which explains my super long trench, yet i love it so much. And to add a little bit more sparkle to the outfit, i decided to wear my sea theme necklace and some rings.

I love my mini clutch super bad. The first time i saw it i was like "OMG, i want this". But then again i waited for few days probably i would change my mind not to buy it, but then i can't so the next day i came back and really bought it plus another bag, which i am not planning to :'). But it makes me happy tho, since i have more bags to wear hahha.

I love it because the ombre look and i try to look online, but i don't think they have it in Indonesia (so its lucky for me that i found it here). You can check to the web of Charles and Keith (click on the name coz i linked it).

The story behind my outfit was i just feel like to dress in an Europe mode (you know what i mean?) by the trenchcoat as in London style, black dress as Parisian always wear and the high boots as in New York crowds.

Details is on the end of post , and what do you guys think? Yay or nay?

Trenchcoat - Promod
Dress - Pull & Bear
Clutch - Charles & Keith
Boots - Market
Necklace - New Look

See you in the next post, Sid