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Double Stripes with a touch of Jakarta

December 18, 2015

I missed writing my blog.

This semester is not really as busy as the last one, yet there are lots activities which i am doing right now besides school, that explains the rarity of the post.

Finishing Sunday afternoon in November by dropping off for an hour or two in Sinan Mansion after church was really nice. Calm environment, swinging winds and grey clouds, historical european mansion are perfect combination. Posing was never really my thing yet i am trying to improve and make it more "flowing" and "natural".

There is nothing more i missed rather than home, but this very cute tote bag, which was a present from my beloved mom written Jakarta. I really like the design and drawings with red white stripes on the back part, yellow twin straps in between and a useful zipper for the bag. On the front side are Monas, Bajaj, Ondel-ondel that decorated the creme fabric. Luckily, they have other designs of other cities including Paris. Plus, they are launching new theme about Indonesian traditional heritage & folklore. To check the collection, click here

We were hungry, so we went to a Japanese place and ordered beef with rice, the food was good but, there is always a room for dessert. Going to Korean cafe called Mangosix was the best choice, since i love their desserts and drinks (especially with Mango!) + Jessica has no clue about this place. The one we ordered was actually out of the menu, meaning that it was supposed to be either all chocolate brownies or cheesecake as the topping. Yet, we did some improvisation and asked whether they could mix them both since we were confused on deciding. Lucky for us, they did mix it! 

Yogurt, Mangos, Brownies, Cheesecakes, Pocky cruches are my favorites. And having them all together in a huge cup was really mouth-watering. Dessert and nice talk with your bae was a great day to spend your weekends. Around 7, finding another Korean snacks was our mission to close our days, so we went to a chicken place near the cafe and just ate the fried chickens with the secret sauce + cheese tteokbokki
Yum yum and yum

See ya next post ! 

Spoiler alerts : it will be in Jing'an Park
Details of my outfit is in the end of this post, so happy scrolling ;)
PS : if you would like to order the drawing tote bags or got any questions, you could also contact me here ;)

Stripes Sweater - +Forever 21 
Chino Pants - +Old Navy 
Black boots with gold linings - +Forever 21 
Jakarta tote bag - Kamalika Art Prints

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