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First Autumn Phase

September 18, 2015
First Autumn Phase

Do you know what September means ??
Meaning that it's the beginning of AUTUMN! Yes I personally love the time when leaves start turning the color and falling, which is beautiful. To be back here in Shanghai is such great time because I could experience this one more time since my hometown does not have this kind of season.
Playing with polyvore when you really have inspirational thoughts and does not know how to pour everything together. For example this is what I did after reading some references about the “in” items this year. Basically what I did was combining my favorites items and the trendy ones, which turned out pretty good.

Then I am going to share my preferences in dressing up for this winter, such as :
  1. Never forget outwear. It’s like my super favorite items of all time especially coats, trench coats, jackets, parka and anything that looks longer than my shirt. I found it very fascinating and again, I could not use this in my hometown.
  2. Balance is on. When the baggy looks appear on the top, try to minimize the bottom, meaning to wear some jeans, skinny ones, or maybe flare skirts with leggings that shows the length of the body in which you do not feel you are drowning by the coats.
  3. Flats or Heels? Find some heels for your lovely feet, because according to some research, using very flat shoes is not good for health, so try some heels even its kitten heels or choose which ever you like.
  4. Play with color. Think of the colors that match together, or for the cheating access, use whole black outfit and add some pop colors whether it’s red, green, pink, even silver. Use the imagination.
  5. Accessories = must. Since I am crazily in love with small thin accessories such as necklaces, rings in where you can put 3 or 4 of them together without looking too much and trying too hard. Plus, they are cute and sophisticated. Scarves are also perfect when you know how to style them.
  6. Makeup yourself. When you are too lazy putting all those heavy makeups, just try a shades with dark killer red lipstick, that’s going to elevate your total look <3 .="" font="">

All of those are something I find useful and are my guidelines into this new season, which I got inspired from many things I saw, well feel free to follow my tips and let’s be awesome for this FALL



My First Day Hair

Its been a month since my last post and now im back in Shanghai ! so good to be here but kind of hard to leave my home (well its for the future anyways!)

Since i had my hair cut and i was so excited plus happy about my new hair and i just loved it. I went to the One Piece Hair Studio in Central Park to have my hair cut and dye. My stylist was Kevin, he was Malaysian and speak pretty good bahasa with the accent. Before i dyed my hair, i did the consultation and here's the result :

FIRST DAY HAIR LOOK (coz i forgot to documented my outfit :p)

Paris shirt - +I LOVE PULL & BEAR 

What do you guys think? 
Tell me <3 p="">