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Q - Saturday

May 26, 2015

On Saturday, me and my friend decided to go to Raffles City, then East Nanjing. The very first purpose was to visit Kate Spade coz we're doing a project for marcom, and we chose Kate Spade as our brand. We were gonna look around, the products, and maybe ask about the promotion and stuff, but there was like quite a sale making everyone wants to enter the shop, lucky for us we did not have to wait long time and then we entered the shop.

I tried this stripes and the trousers, suddenly i fell for them, i love the color, love the combination and it fits my size very well, as they were the last piece that i could find. But somehow, i did not buy it, yeah coz i've got some other things more important than that lol.

We felt hungry then went downstairs to find some snacks to eat, but the Awfully Chocolate seemed super awfully awesome, but bcoz the lack of space and our lack of time, we did not give it a shot. (yeap mb next time), ended up buying potato with cheese for me, and takoyaki with bacon and cheese for my friend. They were super delicious and then we bought another snack and i honestly do not know how to call it, but it was kind of waffles and taste yummmmm...

Next thing, we walked to East Nanjing, yess to shop till drop. haha no jk, it was just my expression. but the truth is we left the last shop, which was Forever21 and 11.25 pm. Yeah well, maybe the expression was right for this time... We visited almost every store there like +Zara Home , +Bershka Profile , +I LOVE PULL & BEAR , +H&M , and +Forever 21 . I felt super sorry coz i bought 6 new dresses :'), but love em all! that's why i could not stand seeing nice dresses just hanging there...

But, in the middle of the road we managed to take some shoots, selfies and here we go !!

Super love with this +kate spade new york 

Outer - +Old Navy 
White shirt - +Banana Republic 
Shorts - +MANGO 
Boots - +New Look 
Backpack - +New Look 
Owl necklace - +Forever 21 

Photo by : Me and Nabila

PS : Video diary soon updated :)

Strolling Diary - Parkson to Apita

May 25, 2015

Field trip to Josie Chen - Nice to directly meet you Joanna

May 22, 2015
Yesterday was literally the best field trip I've ever had since the first I got into IFA because we've got a chance to visit one of the well known independent accessories brand in Shanghai, Josie Chen.
The founder was Joanna Swift and she is very lovely !! The first time I contacted her through email because I need some information for my other essay project and I found this brand, which is awesome and edgy at the same time. I was so surprised (in a good way) that it didn't took her long to reply my messages and it really made me so impressed because mostly ppl do not reply email immediately especially if you're just a first-year student and want to know about your brand's history for your essay project , nah most people just don't care but she is the other way around and I adore her. 

She is currently having 2 interns, both foreigners from UK and Belgium, which is amazing coz they are foreigners and still they managed to help the brand going even they just arrived in Shanghai 3 months ago and didn't speak any chinese at the first time..

In the store we took some little tour, she explained us about her brands, her works, her team, her collaborations with such amazing clients like MCM, and others. She showed us her collab with MCM, especially for their VIP , some kind of a mini envelope bag but with zippers and hand-sewn metals and jewels around and it was super well-executed.

It was super inspiring especially when the interns, Mina and GaĆ«lle shared their stories and experiences while working with Joanna, and I thought it was pretty cool and super useful for them to build their careers. 

The last thing we did was took some photos and she was super nice giving us free earrings at the end of the fieldtrip and we all picked our own colors, which was super cool, and I chose the red one since I fell in love the first time I saw it. 

And today I'm attending the joined party of Josie Chen with other brands n designers , can't wait to meet her and the girls to chit chat bit more ❤️

such an inspiring day, and all my tiredness had gone away at that time (ps : coz I had ice cream for my lunch that boost me up little bit for the next class til 5 pm) and jsyk that I had some clips from the fieldtrip and mb I can post it in my Instagram for the short version and probably in my YouTube channel for the full one :D 


See ya !!


FYI ; 
I'm wearing Old Navy dress and F21 shades 

Kissed by the sun

May 20, 2015

Yesterday was super short day since I only had exam at 1 and finished it about 1 hour later , then me and my friend took some walk around school and went buy Starbucks ! 
P.s : this summer berry panacotta was amazing and I recommend this so badly. Since its fresh and sweet like blueberry with panacotta as the base of the drink , yum!! But idk if they have it outside China, though 

Anyways , we went to the park in our compound and took lots of selfies and candids, but it was super fun yet ridiculously real coz we tried some of unique poses and sometimes we failed in producing nice photos. Luckily, my friend's such a photographer and stylist, she managed to tell me what to do while taking the shoots and the results were amazing #luckyme
Here i have some selfies of me and the talented One !! :)

And at the end i couldnt wait for my holiday finally meeting my family #homesick 

Cutout shirt - Moora Lavoro
Trousers - Old Navy
Black satchel bag - H&M
Black white heels - Forever 21