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March 22, 2015

In the last 2 weeks, I've been going to Laowaijie having lunch with classmates. it's located in Hongmei Lu, Shanghai .
first we tried the Big Bamboo Sports Bar. they have a set lunch for 75 RMB including salad, main dish, and a drink. I chose Caesar Salad, Chili Cheese Burgers, and orange juice.the salad was quite a big portion,  the burger was delicious and spicy because of the chili, but I love it. even though it was a big portion and with fries, so I was kind skip my dinner because i was definetely full. 

And the next restaurant we tried was CityBull. a Canadian-styled restaurant and bar with a set menu lunch of 78 RMB for coffee / tea , all kind of burgers/pasta/sandwiches, and ice cream !! for the addition, we tried Poutine,potato with gravy and cheese on top. my friends who've been living there told us that it was so good, so we shared the Poutine for 5 person (75RMB). when it arrived and we directly tucked into the Poutine, friend of mine said that it should be more gravy and cheese on top! but, well it wasn't so bad either.. (really hope it has more gravy though) Next the burger arrived , I ate it and love the bun so much !! because it reminds me of my mom's homemade burger, as she always kind of toast the bread first so it's kind of crispy and greasy (yummmmmm). overall , it taste amazing and of course because it had bacon and cheese :D. 
vanilla ice cream was my choice while the others were ordering either chocolate or strawberry... yes I ate it like a flash haha because I love dessert especially ice cream <3

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