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Happy CNY - first day

February 28, 2015

Feeling incredibly thrilled of my mom’s coming on 19th Feb 2015, just the right day of Chinese New Year. I woke up at like 3 a.m and getting ready to pick my mom in the airport. Knowing that my place and the airport was like from the most-western part to the most-eastern part, I took the first train at 5.49 and the sky was amazingly beautiful, more like shades of blue and freezing since it was about 1 degree. I then arrived at the airport with almost the same time as my mom and we finally met and I ran to my mom and we hug each other !     it was more like i-havent-seen-you-for-about-5-months-hug-and-exteremely-missing-you hug :D. One thing that my mom always find the first time she came to somewhere, either it’s new city or country is Starbucks. Yes it is some kind of her addiction, but not bad, eh ? She told me that my “requests” from Indonesia including food such as kecap manis, kornet, abon, sambel, and my mom brought nastar + kue keju, my favoriteeee <3. I didn’t really expect my mom bought them but I could use some martabak, though. Anyways, we had quite a moment of catching up for the last months we haven’t talked and then with excitement, we went to my apartment by MRT. And obviously we took some snaps on the road cause it was quite a time passing through 23 stations before “the station” near my apartment. When we arrived, my mom was fascinated by the goats display outside Parkson with pink, red and orange color.  Those were using black ribbon ties and as if we almost could hop on their back and ride ‘em. Then we continued our journey to my place and my mom was tired so she was taking some short nap while I unpacked my things carried by mom from Jkt to Sh J. There were shoes, bags, magazines (that I didn’t have chance to buy while I was here), my lotion, skincare, vitamins, and the sacred ingredients for the kitchen as I mentioned earlier. Cause I felt homesick and miss my mom’s recipe, we cooked for lunch. She cooked “nasi goreng” with cornet and ham. Oh I always love that one cause no vegetables haha. Too bad I didn’t took a picture since I was so amused and hungry so I just dig in without some beautiful preparations before you capture something. One of the perks of being an overseas student was when you have relatives and they asked you to come by their residents. And their apartment was 8 stations from mine so its quite far, With these cold weather and unexpected wind blowing from every directions, my mom was kind of like ‘shocked’ of the temperature and I had to borrow her my coat, scarf, and hat. Haha and I did give her the warmest coat of mine :p. but when we got there, it was such a comfortable place, remembering they have 2 children. We were chatting, joking and it was magical that they gave us snacks to eat which were lemper, lumpia and homemade chocolate brownies served with wine for the beverages. OMG it was heaven. Too long not having those kinds of food and it felt like the most delicious hometown food you’ve ever tasted. But sadly, my heart still wanting martabak till now… Anyhow, after quite a time, we decided to go home, actually my mom did. Remembering that she hadn’t had enough sleep yet and I bet she could really use some sleep for new day of strolling Shanghai tomorrow. Lucky us, before we left, they gave us one bottle of red wine and we really need those for fighting through these unexpected temperature, hahaha plus chocolate with drinks in it. On our way home, we stopped by to these cute stand offering doughnuts named Mister Donut. We count eating these chewy and sweet doughnuts with wine as our dinner and it was a superb 1st day with my mom <3. ​

white coat - OLD NAVY 
pink scarf - KENZO
sweater - Giordano 
red wine pantes - OLD NAVY
black boots - New Look
bags - MK
sunglasses - F21

14 - 2 - 2015

February 23, 2015
the most-waited events for couples finally arrived~ yes Valentine's Day. considering I am currently alone, for both my status and coordinate *laughs*. But anyway, I took some photos in the morning cause I am excited but I would really love to spend my time with my family :( so I tried to send my love from Shanghai to Jakarta ❤️ . When I looked outside the window I realized that it was a good day to take a walk or maybe strolling somewhere but staying home, so I decided to go strolling despite the cold temperature. The sun was shining, the wind was blowing pretty cold and my first stop was South Shaanxi Road in IAPM. watching all the huge but somehow still looked cute Valentine's decoration. Why? because they were mushrooms... on vals day... it would make more sense if the decoration were some kind of hearts or whatsoever.. Then I kept going whichever way my foot led me, and we ended up in Daiso, so I decided to buy some papers and folders just in case for next term. then I went to H&M just to look around and kill time, but suddenly my eyes catched the lace stockings on the corner side and that's how I fail not to shop :'). I kept walking till I passed by about 3 MRT station and ended up buying these cakes + blueberry cheese bread, and have I mentioned that I love cheese ? 

Need my hair cut

first post in February, and apparently it's a post about my free-time in the morning while dressing and got ready to go for a grocery shopping knowing my mom is going to visit me next week !! ah I can't wait to spend time and bring her to every places that I've visited , and of course to take photographs :3. I was just about to get my hair done and realized how vague and indescribable color it was.... there are some parts with a little bit old greenish and light brownish and some color that looked like the centre of trunks in the middle of forest. the next thing I couldn't resist while taking the shoots were selfies !! yes who doesn't love selfies, eh?

stripes sweater - FOREVER 21
denim shirt - promod
owl necklace - FOREVER 21


February 2, 2015
Had a month of winter break, and about 40 days from now until my next term. During the period, I mostly did nothing weighty, and sometimes did nothing at all, resulting boredom in me, which made me think to do something productive. Next thing I know is that I always wanted to have this one a shot, and then I put together the foremost stuffs, next I created @sweetsdevour. it's just for a short-term time, since I knew that my mom is visitingn me on Chinese New Year , then It would be a great idea for my mom to help me "deliver" the order when my friends wanted the stuffs :p

here are just some photos with the stuffs that i "sell" for the moment :D

maroon cardigan - Stradivarius

white lace dress - GU