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Tian Zi Fang

January 12, 2015

Spending about weeks before my friends go back to our hometown (turned out I'm the only one staying here during the winter break). But I can't wait till my mom come !!!
Tian Zi Fang was most likely a whole new small town with lots of shops, bars, and some restaurant with lots of snacks stands. My favorite was the yogurt, it was super delish and healthy :p, definitely gonna come there again.
More than Toilet was epic. It was a concept-restaurant from toilet. Of course you can imagine what would it be. For those who couldn't imagine, just take a look at my pictures below...
And next thing you should try was the cheese tart from Lilian Bakery, it was incredibly amazing !! Too bad I was too full that I only bought 1 cheese tart and 1 egg tart. I am definitely buying the cheese tart next time in an uncountable amount hahaha . 
Then we went to east nanjing to accompany some of my friends who wanted to shop and we took 1 simple shoot at The newly opened Zara , and for the not destination we decided to eat Ma La Tang. 
It was cheap and super worth to try, you can pick whatever you feel like having and they will cook it for you ..

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