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September 25th 2014 - Louis Vuitton Series 1

January 7, 2015

Waiting till it hit 5 pm and such a great feeling when you didn't have to line up so long and just go in. It was because our teacher and the LV staffs gave the permission for us to have the special tour. For the conclusion was actually a day spending in the exhibition building, searching and understanding the whole feeling of LV. But the exhibition was epic. Imagine how series 2 could be ?! 
Yeah it covered most of the main history and the clothes + shoes from series 1 and the samples from their own models. It was kind of my own jumping feelings, knowing that all of the outfits had the name on them. Of course I had my favourite and the outfit was incredible , for me. I fell instantly for it, I just fancy the color, the shape, everything. My fav was on the middle but they were all fantastic. 

Then after strolling and taking pictures for quite a while until my battery's drained off, we went to the bar located on the top and we had our own free drinks ! It was actually just kind soda with either ginger or lemon. And I chose lemon :) . It was a very good and unique day, if I must say . What blow me even more was 9 first day of school and I got the opportunity to attend such event.

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