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Random shots on September

January 7, 2015
Here are some random shots I took while strolling around and some made drool .. 
For the first 2 Picts I took them while in L'avenue, shopping mall filled with luxury goods and I don't even have to say what are they :p. I love flowers and I don't know why are they surprisingly expensive . I would love to accept flowers from whoever you are as long as it's beautiful and not poisoned haha . And FYI, I found amazing restaurant there, Swedish. But I will let you know later ;) .
Third picture, ok it was kind of absurd shot that I took while waiting for my mate going out from the apart which was like took abt 10 min soooo I was bored.
Fourth pict, was my first meal at New York sandwich, which I thought was American but , I was wrong. It was Korean. No wonder they always serve us with pickles, said my Korean friend. Otherwise we will never know. They even have cheese tteokboki now..
Fifth and sixth were Picts I took from Burger King at Parkson, near the station and abt 1 kilo from my apartment. I love the Italian double stacker! Wish could try the four layered beef Italian stackers with bacons ! Aahh such a great way to get unhealthy.:D
Then I found Oreo ice cream .. The one thing I've been searching for my whole life #noworries it tastes like heaven aaaa made me want it even more. 
And the Mie sedaap was far beyond expensive from Indonesia, obviously. Made me miss home even more...
And for the latest pict was out of my mind, never really imagine and I didn't bother to try but ... It exist, still ...
But I was wondering how'd it taste like ? 
Well, maybe someone can tell me , no? 

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