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October 31st 2014 - who's ready for Halloween

January 17, 2015

I felt excited on the way to Make Up Forever Academy and on the plus side, it was Halloween, which was the first Halloween I have ever celebrate outside my hometown. I believed tonight would be a frightening night on the streets. 
At first the hospitable staffs welcomed us and by the cute sparkling candies on the front table. We went to the make up room on the 1st floor, which was amazing, the mirror was everywhere and the lights were magical. As if I was in the backstage of the happening fashion shows. 
The chief made some kind of welcoming speech and told us a little history about MUFE, on of the beauty brands that works under the largest group, LVMH. Before they demonstrated the make-up inspiration for Halloween, they let us watched the body painting by MUFE, which was very popular especially in France, and how the combination and the harmony of the paintings, colors worked together in the special occasions and fashion shows. 
It was very amusing and incredibly startling. I just could not believe people could do such things as paintings over the body and works through the burdensome aspects. Not waiting for long, I had a friend who was willing to be the experiment girl as the Makeup artist asked. He was showing a kind of face painting rather than sexy make up idea for Halloween. 
I was and still curious about how he did it, I guessed it was the experience that made him professional. He used only black and white but in the end he added some kind of red liquid as if it was blood running through the eyes, which was very remarkable. She was more than ready to a Halloween party. Knowing we didn’t have much time left to stay there, owing the fact that we had 1 more class at 1. 
Meaning I needed to go as fast as we can to get back to class and being attentive for next round. But I was quite on fire realizing I was going to have Christmas Party with my fellow classmates in on of French restaurant where my friend’s friend worked. It was a really fantastic opportunity and I hope I could go to these kinds of workshops or events outside school.

Varsity leather jacket - +Forever 21 
Black shirt -
Red skirt
Black boots - +H&M 

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