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October 17th 2014 - SFW

January 8, 2015
Let me tell ya something, : being a trend hunter is far from easy. 
It all started at 8 am in the morning, me entering the class for fashion trends subject with my lovely lecturer Diana Derval. And suddenly she said that "we are going directly in 30 minutes". I was like OMG .... Of course in my heart screaming because I didn't use let's say proper "outfits" to go to Shanghai Fashion Week !! I was thinking about going back and change but my friends were starting to come one by one and it kind of make me down since they are all sooo ready to go there. I thought we would have some kind of break between the class since we are having fashion trends from 8-5. But nothing can I do other than accept the truth about my outfit and just live the day ... 
Yes I'll live, and I'll survive there.. Thank god I'm just a trend hunter and not the one being hunted. So I will have to accept my look and live the day, eventually. 
First, being a hunter was like chaos, me and my friends just rushing to people that fulfil our criteria and ask them nicely to take the picture. But we were like at war that attacking the person with our camera whenever even when they are not ready yet. Haha it is what it is. Some of us split up to find different moments and atmosphere but it turned out that I didn't have inspiration of my own trends and just took people's outfit. Since we have the own criteria or trend that we should be lookin for. Then i decided, I will make my own trend of long black coat. And I discussed the topic with my lecturer, turned out she agreed with me and so be it . 
Then we had our own break about 2 hours and it was nice , we went to Italian restaurant that gave us a set lunch menu with appetizer, main and drinks for only 48¥. The name was Barcin and it was around xintiandi near the SFW was held. 

So please forgive my outfit :') I will do better yes I promised :') 

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Unknown said...

Ha! You didn't look bad! But, you must always prepare for the unexpected! It's not necessarily about always being over-dressed, but always staying true to your style. ;D

♥ | | xoxo

Sidney said...

Yap but I wasn't really prepared , I thought we did have time to dress up , but sometimes less is more when you had to runnin around .
Thank you for telling me I was not so bad hahaha