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Holiday just after the Graduation

July 8, 2014
The next day just after the graduation, my friends and I went for Holiday :D, you must have known where was i, haven't you ?

Yes i was at Universal Studio Singapore and we were really excited because it was the first time we travelled to another country just with our friends and no parents for sure :p.

Here are some pictures of us and we didn't actually took a lot of photos because we were busy playing around and around :D

The Mighty Far Far Away

New York White Crop Tee  -  +Zara 
Soft Purple Tanks  -  +Forever 21 
White Belt  -  +New Look 
Blue Shorts  -  +MANGO 

hello Donkey ! Hello Shrek and Hello Gingy !!

girls should feel like a princess sometimes ;)

 we managed to take some selfies while the boys were looking for the rain jacket for us , yeay

guess what? because it was raining , we took the mummy rides like 4 times just to look pretty on the shocking camera FLASH hahaha and here was the photo with the mummy hunters, he was super tall, or maybe we were just super short ...?

This is the last ride that i thought were built for children because we just sat in the ride and did nothing but taking photos ... well, its better than never...

with Miss Uhuy :p

 The Most Iconic Place :D

Goodbye >>>>

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