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Farewell Anyer : About to Move to Another Villa (Day 2)

July 12, 2014
the weather was soo hot in the afternoon and the sky was amazing , you can see it here :p the blue colour was just beautiful <3 p="">

say hello to our Chemistry teacher , Ms Bertha , she's been helping us to study and study about chemistry for the national examination :')

7 girls on the beach (2 girls were not coming :{ )

we were planning to take a jump-shoot but it turned out to be like this :/ , but that's fine , we did everything we could until our weird face showed up

even our teacher loves taking selfies 

in the middle was Timotius a.k.a Moti , the contributor for the villa :p

this was a super messy room , yet so crowded ,, but it was fun and we liked it !!
 last one in Marbella  before we went to the Villa 

 after we arrived at Moti's Place, we did nothing except playing cards !! yeah it was soooo fun and we always bursted our laugh because every single thing was absolutely funny and hilarious. Our teacher, Daniel who taught us physics challenged us that he won't lose from us and he made a deal .. but unfortunately , he got himself lose in the first round. He was so frustrated but in the end , rules are rules guys, and we did the best we could to make him look stunning in this white powder 

yeayyy finally we beat our own teacher ! hahaha we were very proud to ourselves .. Teamwork ! we see nothing except our teachers funny face

in the evening , we went to Lippo beach to play some surf board ( i meant really small surf board ) because we were not able to play in front of the villa when all we see was many rocks. It was about 15 minutes by car and we're there !

hello villa's contributor 

the sun was about to set

cause we're happy <3 p="">

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