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One For All , and All For One a.k.a The Three Musketeer quote

May 4, 2014
Hi there !!
It's been  long time since I haven't post anything yet over months ago , I'm so sorry because I'm having big thing coming at school lately so I have to focused on my study .. 
And now I'm waiting for the result of my national exams and I hope the result will be fantastic (fingers crossed )  

So on 22 April , I and my classmates took some photos for our yearbook , because we are on the third grade now and we want to make something unforgettable :) 

The truth is , we already think about the theme of our photoshoot about 5 months before , so we really prepared everything we'll including the costumes , makeup, hairdo, and also the location .

And the finally the result is :

 For the costumes , all of us are doing the rental near our school and I did the makeup on my own :p . Because I now I'm having the green on my dress , so I decided to use green eyeshadow with the gradation of brown , grey and a little black . 

I'm not very good at makeup , and to be honest , I can't put myself makeup because I will think that my makeup skill is weird :') hahaha

For the hair I went to saloon with my friend to get my hair braided and after that they put the braided-hair around your head so it's like a headband instead 

We went to Cathedral , it's a Catholic Church located in the Central Jakarta , unfortunately , the church team said that we can only take picture outside the church , but the most amazing and the most beautiful location is located inside the church :( , but however , we are still pretty satisfied with the outdoor location because it's really cool and great 

And here are some shoots that I took with my iPhone : 

We really are trying to be extremely graceful ;;)

Me , wdyt ? :)

Here is with our Milady 

Who's gonna be on top ? :p

        "Guard ! Let's take picture :)"

           "Your highness , it's an honour to be on your side " hahaha

Here are the pict of my lovely classmates

                 We love selfies !!

And here is the nice part, after we all had enough chances to took ourselves photos with these amazing dress and when we were about to leave the location , 2 foreigners (actually not from indonesia ) asked my friend enhard (in the blue suit) if we want to take picture with him . So in a very happy sound I said "yes , yes of course " because it means that another time to smile and to act in front of the camera and I'm also very touched that they wanted to take a picture with us , it means that our costumes look very amazing HAHA :p

I just realized that I didn't took the main characters for today , the three musketeers because after we finished our individual session , the just vanished into nowhere so I and my friends couldn't   Take a photos with them :( . 

But I will show how my yearbook looks like after it's done ! 
Can't wait to see that :3 

See you guys next session  , and I hope you still keeping up with me and it will be great to post some feedbacks or comments below :*

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