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Raining everywhere

January 18, 2014
Since it won't stop raining from last week , the best thing that I can do is to surfing the internet .. Hahaha
But I should start studying from now for the national exams unless I want to get bad grades :( 
So I'm really trying to study like now , but I just can't do it , I kept doing something that really unnecessary 
So here I want to show something that could burst my mood to study 

On the first place was always : 

 Aaah 김 우 빈 aka Kim Woo Bin 😘 
He is so cute and handsome so I can't stop looking at his pictures

Here are my quotes corner , I got them from magazine and just ripped it and glued it to the wall :p 

Here's Another one 

Will be extremely busy from now until 18 April so it seems I may not posts many things from now or even I may not post anything but if there's time I'll try to catch some shots about the outfit ...

And here is my face while thinking about the upcoming exams .. Wish me the best :D

Goodbye ••••

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goodbyemylover said...

great blog ! can you follow me back? thanks!

Ana G said...

I got a huuuuge crush with 김 우 빈 as well.



Sidney said...

hi and thanks for following me, i have followed you as well .
i hope we can support each other :D


Sidney said...

wow its great that we have the same crush !!
he was so cool on that movie <3<3