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My Mood Was PINK!

January 6, 2014
Ola !! 

Since it's about to go to school , I realized that I should've been doing something more than sleeping till 2pm :x . 
Now I just felt sorry to myself because I've wasted this time when I could do something even more better for myself and others ... *sigh* 

But we can make changes for ourself and it starts from you ;) 

And today I want to show you about my outfit when I went to the newest shopping mall in town named BayWalk Pluit and it was build by Agung Podomoro (wow) and it's a huge mall with lots of shops there , but unfortunately the shops were not open completely so you can't see the whole shops and I believe when all the shops there are officially open it will be a super huge mob there 

You can see the "ywalk" alphabets when it was supposed to be "baywalk" :p

And it's just the "alk" :p

In front of the big Christmas tree and ignore my face :x

The photographer "Nathan" and his style was like got problems with me ...

I was using : 

White shirt - unbranded ( got it from Anastasia Siantar's garage sale at Ninotchka

Burgundy tanks - new look 

Pink shocking bag - Guess

Tosca highwaist shorts - Forever 21

Brown flats - H&M 

Pink bracelet - unbranded ( got from my friend when he bought it at Malioboro , Yogyakarta Indonesia 

We were supposed to stay there and wait for the FIRE DANCE to begin , but my brother have to go to school tomorrow so we went home early at 7.20 pm when the show was about to start :') 
Hopefully there will be another FIRE DANCE so that I could see the show 

So that's the end of my post , gonna post something more ;) 
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Dee said...

you look cute, Sid!


Sidney said...

yay thanks dee ^^