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Raining everywhere

January 18, 2014
Since it won't stop raining from last week , the best thing that I can do is to surfing the internet .. Hahaha
But I should start studying from now for the national exams unless I want to get bad grades :( 
So I'm really trying to study like now , but I just can't do it , I kept doing something that really unnecessary 
So here I want to show something that could burst my mood to study 

On the first place was always : 

 Aaah 김 우 빈 aka Kim Woo Bin 😘 
He is so cute and handsome so I can't stop looking at his pictures

Here are my quotes corner , I got them from magazine and just ripped it and glued it to the wall :p 

Here's Another one 

Will be extremely busy from now until 18 April so it seems I may not posts many things from now or even I may not post anything but if there's time I'll try to catch some shots about the outfit ...

And here is my face while thinking about the upcoming exams .. Wish me the best :D

Goodbye ••••

My Seventeen Was WHITE

January 8, 2014

hello guys..

 as i promised today i'm going to post about my seventeen birthday sooo check this out ;)

yes i'm a polaroid girl :D

 guess who picked the dress for me ? :D

 yess! she picked it for me , my super mom ... loveyou <3 p="">

my best pose is to smile :)

here's our photographer , the famous Agustina Selviana 
or if you need photographer for sweet seventeen dinner, or etc ( jakarta only)  , just contact her  on
and also you can check her photoworks too:)

sorry if i'm being too stiff in this picture, i just don't know how to move :$

give your love <3 p="">

aa love the little mannequin hihi

here are my cupcakessss :P and they've got red velvet with cream cheese and it was sooo delicious :D

look at my father's and brother lovely faces :p

girls from the my class (12 science B-) )

here are the smartest guys in school :p

my brothers are super cool even i can't resist myself from stop taking photos with them
hahaha x)

they are going to kiss me :*
or maybe they (planned and pretend to) kiss me

left to right :
Nathan Oktavian - me - Mathew Jordan

thank you for this amazing day ever <3 p="">

goodbye and wait for the next post :)


My Mood Was PINK!

January 6, 2014
Ola !! 

Since it's about to go to school , I realized that I should've been doing something more than sleeping till 2pm :x . 
Now I just felt sorry to myself because I've wasted this time when I could do something even more better for myself and others ... *sigh* 

But we can make changes for ourself and it starts from you ;) 

And today I want to show you about my outfit when I went to the newest shopping mall in town named BayWalk Pluit and it was build by Agung Podomoro (wow) and it's a huge mall with lots of shops there , but unfortunately the shops were not open completely so you can't see the whole shops and I believe when all the shops there are officially open it will be a super huge mob there 

You can see the "ywalk" alphabets when it was supposed to be "baywalk" :p

And it's just the "alk" :p

In front of the big Christmas tree and ignore my face :x

The photographer "Nathan" and his style was like got problems with me ...

I was using : 

White shirt - unbranded ( got it from Anastasia Siantar's garage sale at Ninotchka

Burgundy tanks - new look 

Pink shocking bag - Guess

Tosca highwaist shorts - Forever 21

Brown flats - H&M 

Pink bracelet - unbranded ( got from my friend when he bought it at Malioboro , Yogyakarta Indonesia 

We were supposed to stay there and wait for the FIRE DANCE to begin , but my brother have to go to school tomorrow so we went home early at 7.20 pm when the show was about to start :') 
Hopefully there will be another FIRE DANCE so that I could see the show 

So that's the end of my post , gonna post something more ;) 

Friday routines in 2014 :D

January 3, 2014
Yeayy from now on I will have my own Friday routine for my precious skin ;;) hehehe
Because we are still young and we have to take a very good care for our skin :D 

I'm going to do this kind of ritual :p 

By etude house from Korea 

I like using this kind of product because it's easy to apply and just take about 15-20 min 

The steps are : 
1. Clean your face and dry with soft towel 
2. Remove mask from pouch then unfold and remove film 
3. Apply mask to facial surface and fit it to your fact 
4. Leave it for about 15-20 minutes 
5. Remove mask and massage remaining solution into skin with hands

Ps: recommended interval for mask application every 2-3 days for maximum efficiency 

But I will just use this once a week because I think that's enough :) 

While waiting for my face to absorb the liquid from the mask , I read this :D

Have a refreshing Friday !!! 

See you on next post ;)

Happy New Year !!!!

January 2, 2014

Happy new year to all people in this world :p
May all the good things keep coming through our life and let the bad things go from our life 
2014 is a new start , new beggining of all things that you could ever imagine .. 
Don't care if it's about work, job, school , friendship, wealth, popularity, health , or even love :) 
Only we can make the difference from our own life , and the most important thing that we should remember is we make our own choice for our life so we have to do everything from our heart  
Everything that we do in passion will turns out the greatest from all :D 

So enjoy your new year with the one you care about , you only live once ;)