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Ni hao 上海

November 15, 2014

First day , September 13th 2014 ... Here I will start my journey to achieve my dreams and please wish me bestttt of luck. 

Will be posting lotssss things and events happening here since 2 months here ...

Sidney xx

Say HI to the ombre !!!

September 3, 2014
New months which is September and it's actually the month when I start my university day :3 . I am actually so excited but , well I will be missing my home really bad .

So let's get down to business :p and see the transformation :))

I was actually going to color my hair dark blur , but it turned out to be like emerald green . I supposed its because the bleaching should be until light blonde , but yesterday the salon worker only bleach my hair light brown .. 
We'll the color was out of my imagination and I didn't expect it to turned out like this . But it's not bad though ? :p

I actually kind of like it 

As you can see there are some parts which is light blue and some parts which is emerald green and some parts that actually the real color of dark blue 

Well, first experiment turned out to be ok and good .. Makes me curious to try another color soon !!



Bye Anyer and Keep the Memories here and in our heart

July 12, 2014
so here's the end. A 4 days 3 nights trip that my friends and I spent was over. It's our time to separate and go to our own way. I just can't believe it that we've been through a lot and now when we felt like having each other but its time for us to go. It was just not fear. But you heard they say,, "every hello ends with goodbye.."

i just love these beautiful girls super much, you can be silly with them, be weird, be angry, be hilarious, be awkward and not being judged

but her love triangle was not over here...

we were forced to eat these corn by moti's grandmaaaa

Corn power with Enhard :p


Why were you there?? He was always ruining this photo.. :')

as well as in this photo .... he was like ,, unwanted, uninvited guest...

here's with the chief of the class (half man : appearance , half woman : the way he walks was always amazing and like a female model )

Last 12 self-photo .... :')

it was a super beautiful trip with you guys , you were all one in a million and i will never find someone like you all, from the super smart until the super annoying  .... Love you to the moon and back and repeat it all over forever <3 p="">

Farewell Anyer : Last day on the Beach (Day 3)

this pictures were taken on the 2nd day at night , when we all so sleepy but we didn't want to sleep 

and on the 3rd day this was actually the last day we spent the night together and last time we went to beach because tomorrow we had to go back home :(

boys are boys.. they couldn't live without their games esp for the BELIMBINGS, and they looked very happy and serious 

taking photos before heading to the beach :p

with the singer , half woman (face) and half man (attitude and sometimes voice) hahaha

we did ride the banana boat for the second time and it was nothing compared to the first one


with all classmates <3 p="">

gather and show our surf board

we actually had a BBQ party in the night , but i didn't have any photos in my phone because we were too busy preparing things, so the only one who had the photo was the Big Boss a.k.a Dian ..
and i didn't want to let you down so here's the emergency replacement photos :D

M for MOTI

well night spent and worth not to sleep because we only slept like 4 hours , it was fun and incredibly amazing ,though ...