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March 17, 2013
i think its been a month that i haven't post anything but this time i will post about my vacation journey since 12 March until 15 March 2013. it was supposed to be 3 days but we extended it a little bit coz we think we still need some time together so , why not ? ;)

First day we were just staying in the apartment and cleaning all up then just relaxing all day and laughing. at the end of the day i and 2 other friends who were Elly Tasia and Agustina Selviana went down for a swimming because we want to play water yeaayy hahaha
and before that we took some pictures :D

 this were us :3

the doggy was super cute, agree?? just look in the eyes 

we had lots of fun because in the next day we went to DUFAN but i'll just explain it in the different post .
the other next day we really planned to go home but unfortunately the taxi we ordered just didn't come like we thought it would so we keep waiting and waiting for about 2 hours then we decided to extend the vacation. it wasn't really planned actually but what can you do ?? its really bring the fun when we decided to have one more night together. hahaha

we watched movies together, we make fun of our phone like changing the names, the status, the picture  with the SNSD girls. we made other name for us, since there were only 7 of us so we say ourselves as "SSND" which means "Sista Sista Notre Dame" that was really fun and cool you know hahaha

here are other picturessssss

look how big her cheeks was

best in class

you're the apple to my pie 

the sunset

 awww isn't it cute??

the girls :*

WAIT for the DUFAN edition :D

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