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DUFAN = Du Lots Of Fan :D

March 19, 2013
hey guys this time i want to post about what have we done in DUFAN. it was on Wednesday 13 March 2013. we went earlier at about 10 am int the morning and we went there on foot! yeah because it's not very far from the apartment so we decided to walk but the heat was extremely hot even though it was still 10am in the morning. we did walk fast so we could get there soon.

at Starbucks


The Giant Wheel 

then they played some games that i was too scared to try so i just watched them and laughed at them :')

this when they happy

here's where they freaked out hahahaha



Queuing for the doll castle

hello Mr. Penguin :D

ancient egypt

girls do love the polaroid 

i'm a madrid FAN, #HalaMadrid :D

goodbyeee DUFAN, really do lots of fun :D

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Unknown said...

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