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December 31, 2013
Hola ! 

It's the end of December and I want to post this one because I haven't got chance to show this one .. 

On 28 December - 30 december 2013 , me and my family went to Bandung for a late Christmas celebration with all cousins from my mother and here is what I'm using on 29 December :p

I'm using : 
Blue sweater - @uniqlo 
Collar bird shirt - @zara
Key necklace - @forever21
Leather brown skirt - gift from friend 
Brown flats - @h&m
White studded clutch - @TLTSN

More upcoming blogs right away :D 
Sorry for the super late post , been very busy lately 

Sidney ,,

today is such a lazy day

December 12, 2013
Today i'm feeling like i just want to watch korean drama all day , because my friend just have me a very good movie it's called The Heirs . It was a super dramatic Korean drama and I like it ,
Especially Lee Min Ho as the actor , when I finished watch the 2nd episode, my friend forgot to give the third instead she just gave me the rest from 1-10 except the 3 .

Aaaa and I also love Kim Woo Bin who's extremely cool 
This first two episodes were too sweet 
I Wonder How would I feel if I become Park Shin Hye :p

It's just random post and make sure you see my next post about my birthday dinner on 14 th December 2013 


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November 3, 2013
hi i'm sorry i haven't post for the last 2 months because i'm very busy with my school activity :( today i am going to post my NOVEMBER CRAVINGS :3 here are the picture i've got from ROMWE , so it's basically ROMWE's CRAVING :D
that things became my cravings cause they are all cute and sweet :3 wait for my next post soon hehehe xx

I want to SHINE

August 27, 2013
hello :)
this is actually from lebaran holiday but u just have a chance to post it now :D

we went to Melrimba Garden in puncak , we spent our time from 12 pm until around 7 pm just to wait for the polices to make ONE WAY trip so it won't be any traffic there..

this was what my bro did :p, he loves playing basketball :D

i used :
ombre pink shirt - unbranded
white pants - +Forever 21 
bag - +Uniqlo 
black flats - The Little Thing she needs

he won the chess match against my relatives ! :p

big-sized chess 

see you on the next post


Last Lebaran Holiday

August 25, 2013
hi :) i'm sorry i haven't post anything in such a long time it's because of the homeworks and exams that makes me crazy X_X

btw i went to PUNCAK last lebaran holiday with my family and relatives and it was so much fun there

im using :
blue sweater - stradivarius
black pants - +Forever 21 
black shoes - the little things she need

wait for my next post guyss :)

Something i just didn't get a chance to post :p

August 7, 2013
hii everyone...
i'm so sorryyy i haven't post anything about a month, because i'm so busy preparing about so many things to do in such a little time but i'm doing my best to update this blog :D

here are the things i bought when i was ing Singapore on June and it was like heaven because i only went with my mom and we can shop like thousands time XP

sooo hereeeee aree the thingsss


from +Forever 21 

from +H&M and Divided by H&M

i bet you all know , its +Uniqlo 

ifrom +Zara 

these are the most adorable octopus dolls i've ever seen, i mean look at those eyes :3

soo cute :3


i'm going to puncak tomorrow to celebrate lebaran holiday, soo wait for my next post would you??