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Funtastico by Jaime Hayon in Shanghai

June 27, 2018

Playful, Unique and Colourful Day

What's great about living in Shanghai? You get to visit loads of museums with loads of interesting exhibition as this one. My friend told me about this place and i directly search where is this exhibition taken place. It's located in China Modern Glass Museum near Yangpu District. This exhibition is called Funtastico by Jaime Hayon, a spanish designer known to create such unique, eccentric and playful art pieces. This chess board is my favourite from anything else. Since i am having a special thing in my heart for monochrome art pieces. Other art pieces such as green giant chicken, hotdog chair, cactuses, and the monochrome masks looked very intriguing, unfortunately i didn't have quite complete photos, but you can go directly to his website to see all of the masterpieces here

Besides the chess and all of the unique art pieces, there are some amazing glass sculptures that were also exhibited in the museum. I'll write as clear as i can about the description for each photos down below so it's clear what the stories are about. Speaking of stories, the story of how i ended up here when i should have been doing anything else is  just because i've been dying to enjoy by myself these kind of exhibition. And the love of uniqueness, playful, colourful and fun exhibition is just in my heart and i can't really ignore it. This particular day was raining really hard so it is also a clever decision to stay in Jaime Hayon's exhibition rather than going out and being splashed by rain.

Since i've been planning from the morning to go to an exhibition, i chose something very casual and yet colourful. A plain t shirt from Pull & Bear that i got back in Jakarta was one of my best white shirt that i bought! Why? because i love the simpleness it has on the front, just only saying one sentence of "The Concept Of Love", and it kind of explains the sentence itself on the back, where it's a very neat paragraph and you can read it clearly. Probably you can't really see the front side of the shirt, but at least i wrote it on the description :). For the bottom, i chose a brick-coloured mini skirt from Forever 21 with buttons details on the front, and i really love this material. Since it's very suitable for hot weather like this. 

For accessories, i took my Marc Jacobs black leather backpack to put all of the school necessities such as my chinese books, stationery, water to keep me hydrated, then some girls stuff such as hand sanitiser and all of these lip product that girls should bring more than 3 because even 3 sometimes are not enough, (Agree?) Then my favourite earrings from Stop & Stare , chic and gives the extra look to my simple outfit.  Now what are you waiting for? Let's dig in and get ready to feast your eyes by these gorgeous exhibition :D

 The Tournament by Jaime Hayon

Jaime hayon’s ‘afghan folklore’ ‘japanese folklore’ rugs for nodus 

mediterranean digital baroque

One of the crystal candy set

Bye and see you in my next post , Love, Sid
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