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Deep Black & Burning Red

February 13, 2018

D-1 to the special day, Valentine 

What color does Valentine's day associated with? Yeap, red, pink, white, or in this case, burning red for me. It was never easy for me to put of such a vibrant burning red color alone without mixing the red with subtle monochrome color such as black. But this time, i experiment with adding different texture of the deep black color to complement this burning red sweater that i currently wear.

Personally, i am not a fan of red, but lately i've been wearing red quite often. I don't have a reason, it's just this color always pops up on my closet whenever i wanted to mix and match some outfit (yes, how can you skip this burning red sweater). Owning this comfy knitted sweater for winter is for sure a lifesaver. Plus, you can always wear something underneath when it's too cold outside. For the bottom, i am pairing the red sweater with a flare bottom from Bershka. I love how the bottom put more volume to the leg and create some unique and vintage vibe.

For accessories, as you may notice in some of my previous posts, hat is currently my go to accessories, since it was easy to wear and covers my head from some sudden rain attack lately. One highlight piece that i always wear is this wonderful leather / fur (fake) jacket from Zara. I absolutely lovee this jacket. Not only it keeps me warm, but i can't ignore the fact on how fluffy and comfortable this jacket is. Plus, both pockets have the zipper thing that will keep your things unharmed and safe. 

And lastly, the vinyl boots that also appeared in Pleat That Green Metallic Skirt is the boots i got last year and this is surely a statement piece and one boots that worth your investment! Since these boots are making comeback this year. And black, is never out of style. The whole look actually consists of only 2 different color : deep black and burning red, but the twist is always putting up with different textures and materials. For example : leather hat, fur jacket, vinyl shoes, knitted sweater. Last but not least, having fun with experimenting is a must!


Knitted sweater - H&M
Jacket - Zara
Ruffled pants - Bershka
Hat, Shoes - Online

Bye and see you in my next post ,

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