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Cool Cat-Eye Sunglasses

February 4, 2017

Day 8 - Cool Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Hey guys! Since i am officially not having class till my graduation this mid year, i decided to do some challenge for myself. Few days ago while i was on to read some fashion news, this article about 30 Tiny Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Look Now just caught my attention and i decided to join in! Well actually i am not gonna follow 100% of the style from day 1 till 30, yet i will do the challenge randomly, include all the key items and probably change something accordingly. Here is my day 8 look!

Today's mood is to accentuate this cool cat-eye sunglasses that i got years ago from New Look back in Indonesia. I somehow surprised that i still have this whole sunglasses because when i put sunglasses it could be a little bit too messy and one could bump into each others. I bought it immediately without thinking twice when i saw this cutie little sunglasses, with its cat-eye details on the side, and how this brown and black color blend together for the frame. 

The other details that i would like to mention is about this boho kind of earrings. Actually, i got this as a birthday present 4 years ago, and i just had the chance to wear it now. How time flies, and back then, i am gonna be honest that i did not really have the confidence to wear such earrings like this. Since the size is quite big, and i was kind of "shy" to express myself and just want to wear some small little earrings that people probably would not notice. 

Today, i admire the beauty of this earrings and i love it when i nod my head and it follows every movement of my head in such a slower phase. Recently, i've been dying to buy these kind of earrings which is long, and thin, and made from metal or something similar since it's somehow popular here. I am not such a fan in putting my hair to ponytail but i want to show these beautiful earrings so here is my face with no hair going down!

Then, we go to the plaid dress. Actually this dress is in bigger size (L) because they don't have it anymore in my size, so i just took it and style it with this belt to make it better, otherwise i will look like a large looking human in red. The material is quite comfortable and i got it from a Japanese fashion store called GU (more stylish choice over Uniqlo). I wish i could take of my stocking but i remember it's still winter here :D

What do you think guys?? Join me with the #WWWwinter30 challenge and let's inspire one another!!

See you guys tomorrow with new challenge and head over down to peek some details!




Cat eye sunglasses - New Look 
Plaid Oversized Dress - GU
Rings - Forever 21
Earrings - Bling

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