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Pleat That Metallic Green Skirt

January 12, 2017

European Vibe Streets.

Since writing dissertation could cause me a bit (actually a lot) frustrated, why don't we refresh our mind and body, just to stroll around the beautiful west bund area, Shanghai. While taking photos on the other street, i decided to go straight to this pole that attracted my attention. Well, apart from its almost similar illusion to my pleated skirt, i love the color and how its built around the classical building behind.

The other time metallic maxi skirts were just too popular, it showed that i had 2 of the same model yet different color ( Read Here : Merry Pleated Christmas). I tend to buy similar products in different color just because i like it. For example is when i bought 5 cashmere scarf in several colors so that i can change and mix them all with my outfit. Yet, 2 of them are now still brand new inside the wrapping bag haha. 

Since i did not want to cover my neck using scarf, i used this white turtleneck instead. Turtleneck is currently one of my favorites, as you can see from the previous post about the shearling coat herePlus, i recently had this fringe necklace from F21 with some arrow-like shaped, which i found quite decorated remembering i have plain white top. 

Most of people think that winter is only about wearing thick coats, woolly sweaters, and tons of layers for your legs too. For me, it is the time to embrace yourself, let your mind and creativity create your own winter wonderland. With a little bit of style and some twists touch from you, the outfit is ready to hit the road!! Despite from the cold weather that stab you to the bones, but hey there's always a rainbow after the rain. 

Sometimes, you could obsessed with one item a little bit too much, when i am currently crazy over clear, plastic, transparent stuffs, such as my black clear heels. Keeping my cute little feet warm and and easy pick to go for a day to night out. Then its definitely water resistant since it's made from plastic. Well, that's also important because i don't feel like my feet soaking with rain. 

I hope you guys have a wonderful winter experience whenever you are!! 



Turtleneck - taobao
Pleated Metallic Skirt - taobao
Black Clear Heels - taobao
Necklace - Forever21

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