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Layering Oversized Shearling Coat

January 9, 2017

Happy Late New Year for All of you from Shanghai

I'm back in Shanghai on the 4th January and despite coming back here was hard since you already experience that feeling when you wear shorts and use AC all the time. Yes it is winter and 7C was like the temperature when i took the photos. I was so glad to come home for Christmas and New Year, to celebrate these special occasions with the loved ones. Wasn't it the happiest feeling in the world, was it ??? (Except when i went to Disneyland Shanghai : Happiest Place on Earth).

Well, windy Shanghai would not get in the way of me taking photos for my blog posts, which i decided to layer and pair! This time, i would use the black turtleneck layered burgundy dress on top, black leggings, black clear heels. And the key was layering oversized shearling coat. The chunky oversized shearling coat from Zara has been my to-go coat whenever i just feel like lazy to wear thicker top. It is my saviour. Thank god i bought this oversized shearling coat, and otherwise my life would not be warm enough.

Knowing that this year's A/W is all about dresses, more importantly on how you layer and double the sweaters/turtleneck together with dresses. I'd like to try this burgundy dress from H&M that i got long time ago and didn't have the time to wear it. (That's so me, shop all the things you feel like suits you and then suddenly forgetting you ever bought those things and they just pile up in the closet). Another thing to warm your leg : some thicker tights will do the trick!

What other favorite about the look is : The Shoes. Can't you see how fragile they are even though the heels are actually plastic?? The black clear high boots has the cool impression to the total outfit. i got the shoes from taobao ( Chinese Shopping Platform). Even if i had to wait around 2 months for the black clear boots to arrive. But, the boots did not let me down and i love it!! It's alsos comfortable to wear, which is rare to find. 

Another tip is just to mix and match whatever you feel like with the oversized shearling coat. Probably with some other pop color that will brighten your Monday?!!

Oh! More details of my outfit will be down below! Well, see you guys in the next post this Thursday! 
Mark your date and be prepared :p



Oversized Shearling Black Coat - Zara
Burgundy Flare Dress - H&M
Black Clear Boots - Taobao
Legging - Miniso 

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