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Fury Friday

January 20, 2017

First time Featuring Fur

Technically this is the first time i was wearing fur, despite the fact that i bought this around 2 years ago and just discovered this between the coat stacks and thought "Hey, this looks new, lets try". Holiday has just started for me and gonna find internship soon since i am staying here for the rest of holiday till i graduate this June. 

I really like how one thick fur coat (fake) could warm you so much even if you are just wearing one thin summer clothes inside. At first i was kind of afraid it will not warm me since the wind in Shanghai is crazily cold. Yet, after walking just a few moments, i was almost sweating inside. Probably one of the reasons was because i carried quite a lot of stuff inside my bag. But fur is definitely a favorite now!

And i did not buy this fur coat on purpose because i am in love with dark green right now, but i think i just could predict the future of what my favorites would be like later, no? :) I got the fur coat from Apita mall, near loushanguan subway station line 2, a shop called Mestyle. I think its a Korean/Chinese fusion shop and the products are pretty awesome too. Get back to my current favorite black clear heels that took 2 months of delivery. However, i love this so much and would probably buy another one if they have nice different color. 

For the clutch, i am just crazy over marbles now, and found this cool clutch online. The size is just perfect for you to grab and there is also small chain that comes together with the clutch. So either you can opt for the hands free chain or with chain. It is just awesome to put your phone, money, cards, and lipstick for me. Also a portable charger in case you are running out of battery (in my case i always am)

Happy Friday and i hope you all have an amazing Friday!

Fur Coat - Mystyle
Shirt - Zara
Pants - F21
Shoes - online

See yaa !!

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