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Favorite Vintage Cashmere Scarf

January 30, 2017

Day 3 - Favorite Vintage Cashmere Scarf

Hey guys! Since i am officially not having class till my graduation this mid year, i decided to do some challenge for myself. Few days ago while i was on to read some fashion news, this article about 30 Tiny Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Look Now just caught my attention and i decided to join in! Well actually i am not gonna follow 100% of the style from day 1 till 30, yet i will do the challenge randomly, include all the key items and probably change something accordingly. Here is my day 3 look!

Today is about my favorite shade of vintage cashmere scarf that i got online. Here in China, it is super easy for us to shop online, as long as you have the online payment thing called alipay, anything is possible. You will not stop till your balance is insufficient. As for example, i have this exact cashmere scarf in five different color. Yes 5. I have the one in camel, black, grey, red and green. Wait till i used them all guys :). 

I know some people will think like "what is she doing with that amount of same style scarves in different shades???" But, i have that real enjoyment once they arrive. I did not pick this color just because i want to blend in with the background, yet it happened to be i saw the background once i made up my mind about which color of vintage cashmere scarf should i use. And somehow i spotted this wall! So happy and it also kind of goes with my pastel mocassin. 

And i just got the mocassin the same day i bought Zara shoes from yesterday's article. It is just heaven for me to get the shoes for like $12. And remembering that i just shopped this awesome marble framed sunglasses for $6. There was literally the last one of this model of sunglasses, then i just snatched it out from the rack. 

The story of i am wearing this kind of black ribbed slit sweater is because today was sunny in Shanghai and the weather was kind of warm (not as warm as Jakarta) but it's bearable to wear this kind of sweater with no coat on. Even i am wearing this mocassin and showing off some skin. However, during the night, wind comes back to blow and thank god we were reaching home. By the way, Happy Chinese New Year People! Happy ROOSTER YEAR 新年快乐

What do you think guys?? Join me with the #WWWwinter30 challenge and let's inspire one another!!

See you guys tomorrow with new challenge and head over down to peek some details!



Vintage Cashmere Scarf - Taobao
Back Slit Ribbed Sweater - Pull & Bear
Marble frame sunglasses - Stradivarius
Shearling Coat - Zara
Cotton Candy Moccasin - Zara
Black jeans - Forever 21
Accessories - Forever 21
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