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Merry Pleated Christmas

December 26, 2016

So good to be home for Christmas.

Merry Christmas to you peps!! May God bless us all from now on, to infinity and beyond. I had this amazing feeling since i am able to go home for Christmas!! I spent my last 2 Christmas in Shanghai and just going to school, doing homeworks, exams, and other projects that needed to be collected. This year, it was not different with the projects, just that i get to do it from here and thankful enough for the 2 weeks holiday!

I've been wanting to wear this gorgeous metallic pleated skirt for ages!! And i found the perfect time to wear this, to the church on Christmas! Oh and i changed my hair color! I bet you guys notice it, but probably the color is just not really obvious here, so you can go to my instagram profile here to check the color!

Since ordinary red is just a little bit to common, and i've always had this thing with burgundy kind of red, and i decided to bought this skirt. (And i bought another color in green - stay tune for the next post). After went to church i just went home and do a movie marathon.

Literally, movie marathon. I was excited with American Horror Story recently and other thriller, horror movies, yet i don't know why where the movies i should be watching for Christmas edition is mostly like family movies such as Home Alone. 

I am wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and hope all you have the 2017's wishlist and goals planned properly throughout the months <3 p="">

 cardigan, metallic burgundy skirt, marble clutch - China
heels - Forever 21

See you in the next post,

<3 p=""> Sid
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