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First Day of Fall with Adore Me

September 23, 2016

Time flies super fast and the first day of fall is here. I really enjoy fall weather because it is such a comfortable season, when you can wear layers and boots plus the temperature is not as cold as winter! Recently, i've been invited by Adore Me to share some of my favorite fall essentials that i deeply adore. Take a look at these flatlays below for my kind of Saturday session in this fall.


Morning Running

A good day starts with a healthy mind and body, which is super important to keep your body toned and your mind happy by always making time to exercise in the morning. Music is my number one-to-go essentials when it comes to running around the compound. Or take out that yoga mat that you put on the corner of the room and start doing some exercises. I recently bought this new pair of sneakers that i love because of the pretty colour combination. Plus, it suits me so much since i like to run and play basketball. Never wanted to keep my face unhealthy and look dehydrated, that's why Evian is my favorite spray in the morning before and after workout.

 Brunch with Besties

What is saturday without going to your favorite brunch place with besties? Have you guys tried Liquid Laundry yet? If not, you should definitely go!! I love everything they serve, starting from the egg benedict, the pizzas, the waffles and don't forget the cocktails. My eyes has been attracted to numerous sexy cutout dresses. When it's modest from the front, but once you go see the backside, it is fierceless. At some point, these kind of dresses are mysteriously unique. Pairing a black dress with black mullet, dark cherry lipstick and some gold accessories will make you the center of attention in the restaurant! And, never forget, a drop of No.5, Perfect Saturday. 

Movie Night Chill

My definition of a Saturday night is : Chilling with your comfy graphic sweater in cute socks and underwear, having your body moisturized and just go on Netflix. Inviting your friends or boyfriend over for movie marathon would be even perfect! What is more to add besides these kit ? Ah, probably a pizza delivery of pepperoni and cheese toppings sounds yummy. 

Don't forget to pop by the Adore Me website to shop numerous beautiful lingerie and their Pinterest account for more inspiration !!

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See you in the next post about BAGISM expo in Shanghai,

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