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August 14, 2016

This was literally my last weekend in Bali before i went back 2 days after. I did not want to get back so soon but i have to run some errands on the beginning of August. But, no worries, my Padang Padang Beach bucket list is checked!

I went there on Saturday, which explains a lots of people there swimming, sunbathing, and even surfing. But only pro surfers are usually here because this beach has quite lot of reefs that might be dangerous if you hit it with the surf boards. 

4 pm at Padang Padang Beach is somehow perfect to have a short and quick dip since the sun is not as flashy as 12 pm. But, my skin seemed a lil bit darker from the time before i went to Bali and spending times literally just to go to the beach. 

I don't feel like writing a lot here in this post, because some feelings are just indescribable. Here is some of the photos my dearest aunt took for me! hoping i could go back before leaving Indo on September. 

Next post : time to go to Bandung! #spoileralert.


ombre tank - H&M
bikini & high waist pants - Forever 21

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