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Seesaw Cafe - Sproutworks - Innisfree Green Cafe

June 27, 2016

What can you do when you have your holiday? In Shanghai, the answer is definitely visiting cafes with great interior and tasteful coffee. Me, together with friends visited Seesaw Cafe last Thursday after a super hot and humid day in Shanghai. The place is very open and clean, we chose to seat outdoor, yet this is not really an outdoor because the place is still inside. There is another place too located just in front of the cafe. 

I ordered iced mocha together with oreo cheesecake (yes my love is for cheesecakes). Then there were also Ethiopia cold brew coffee and the matcha cake. For me who usually always ordered Americano from any cafe, the mocha was pretty decent and so did the oreo cheesecake.  I love the place, it was not crowded when we went there, so i think it will be suitable for me if i would happen to study or work my things here. Plus, it is such a great place to take photos!

Then we tried ice cream with grey cotton candy on top, well the taste was ok. Probably just because it looked interesting like a cloudy with thunderstorm on top. They gave us 2 flavor, vanilla and chocolate. Yet the amount of the ice cream was little (i guess it balanced the huge cotton candy they gave us). But well, at least we tried!

 Next, here comes the healthy dishes. Should definitely try if you are a fan of healthy and tasty dishes from Sproutworks. They gave you such a generous portion and different shops provide different menus. I think that the biggest shop they have is the one in Xintiandi. You can click here for more information about the address and their daily menus. 

What we ordered here are Roasted Cauliflower, Mint, Feta Cheese, then Mixed Tomatoes, Grilled Corn, Pesto with  Potato Salad, Celery, Egg and Quinoa, Pine Nuts, Raisins. The second menu is Beef with Brown Rice and Baby Carrots. It's my second time trying Sproutworks and their menus are quite nice! 

When you are starting the day with a cafe, it is good to finish the day visiting another cafe and just sit there, talking. For the first time, i visited the "happening" Innisfree Green Cafe located in East Nanjing Road, just across Forever 21, that is surely you would not miss this place. At first i wanted to order the matcha ice cream (yes i am an ice cream freaks). But then i got tempted once again by the beautiful color combination of my mango and berry smoothie. I feel like the taste of my smoothie is somehow healthy in a way or it was just my feeling since they are using organic stuffs, 

Last but not least, my too-happy-candid pose :)

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See you in the next post,

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