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Mid Summer in People's Square Park

June 26, 2016

Hi People!!!
It's been more than a month since my last post (well actually almost 2 months). Hectic days were hitting me constantly from school works, teaching kids, and weeks of exams, so please pardon me for the super long MIA. Now i am going to settle my debt for not posting in the beginning of this month. 

I started my day went to a cafe nearby Jing An Temple. The cafe that has clean and minimalist interior. Which is why you have to be patient and wait for the next post for my food diary last Thursday. Yeap wait for it guys :).

Shanghai's weather and temperature is pretty much unpredictable as the weather forecast said it'll rain but eventually the sun was super bright and the weather is kind of humid that made your skin super sweaty and sticky, and will give you that kind of feeling if you unpurposely be in contact with your friends.

What i am excited about these days is : ZARA is on SALE. Like literally everything. except some of the new arrivals. From winter outfit till summer outfit that came out like last week, Zara is giving huge discount sale. Apparently, this situation is not that good for me and my pocket, especially when school is done and all i might do is go to shop while waiting for myself to go back for summer holiday. 

The denim piece that i got from Zara was only 169 RMB after discount, when originally it was 259 RMB. Pretty good deal, no??? The fabric is lyocell, and such a great outfit for summer. Since the front side of this denim is low and would be better to add tops inside like this cute flower top i got from F21. The purpose is not just to cover yet to add some spark of summer spirit inside the denim jumpsuit!!!

Per my experience living as student plus expat in Shanghai, who does not love great discounts on such a great products?? Another example is the white sneakers i got from H&M for 50 RMB. Yes it is super worth it. After you know that nowadays people are falling for white shoes and sporty clean look for the summer. 

Pardon for my super random happy face in this post, i just can't believe i am going home for summer after 1 year :D and for you guys who would like to know more about the products i am wearing, the links are down below after the last photo

Flower Top - Forever21
Sunglasses - Hotwind

See you in the next post, ah and wait for my food diary adventure ;)

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