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Long Black Outerwear

March 16, 2016

I could not be happier today because i just did a huge H&M haul yesterday. Well i bought almost everything i like in H&M Crystal Galleria in Jing'an. I really reccomend you guys if you are staying in Shanghai or just travelling here, because their collection is good (especially for the sale section). This Wednesday i was trying to wake up early but as always i failed. So i did not really have plan to prepare my outfit and the outerwear thin coat plus the boots just keep staying in my head, which is some sort of sign that i should wear it very soon. 

Can you guess how much i got the long black outerwear? It was on sale and i've been wanting this item so bad, luckily i did not rush things and did not expect they would put it on sale from 500 to 200 RMB. Which is a very good deal! It does not take me long enough to put this beautiful long black outerwear inside my shopping back and constantly searching for more (girls). 

Whereas the white + black shirt is from Forever 21. I bought it last year during summer so the fabric is quite light and thin, very suitable for this spring temperature with a little touch of outerwear. The pants is quite loose and does not stretch, which kind of minim your movement but then if you are not planning to do any sports with this pants then you're OK !

The awkward thing that happened during the shoot was when bunch of Chinese soldiers watch you posing :'), made me limit myself in terms of posing because they were staring at me and it was quite intimidating.

And i love my new boots from H&M, for now i have 8 pairs of boots, only boots, either high heels, medium, or without heels. I just could not get enough. Well actually, girls are just could not get enough of black boots. Guess how much the price was!! Got it for 100 RMB, yeah they were discounted coz i think they want to get rid of all the boots and change to something more "Spring Feeling". 

Pardon my awkward face and posing,,

PS : tomorrow we are attending an exhibition and what would i wear?? Stay tuned for more!

See you guys 

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 Outerwear - H&M
Shirt - Forever 21
Green Pants - Old Navy
Black Boots - H&M
Bag - New Look

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